Loop Hero is coming to the Nintendo Switch

One of the biggest surprise hits of 2021 is headed to the Nintendo Switch.

Only a few things are certain in life: death, taxes, and hit games being inevitably ported over to the Nintendo Switch.

Prepare for endless hours of RPG fun on the go with Loop Hero's release on the Switch.

Sure, the common adage doesn't exactly go that way, but it sure as hell is accurate. Most hit titles eventually find their way to the Nintendo Switch, even the ones that the portable console has no business running like Apex Legends, Fortnite, The Witcher 3, and more.

So, when you see a game release on the PC first and it ends up becoming a huge hit, you can bet that it will find its way to the Switch eventually.

Take, for example, Loop Hero.

The endless RPG by Four Quarters was released in March 2021 and immediately became the next best thing in gaming. Although the indie game's popularity has taken a hit in recent weeks, it still has a dedicated community of players that find entertainment in playing the same game over and over again for dozens if not hundreds of hours, with only incremental improvements.

Now, those said players can finally play Loop Hero on the go, with its imminent release on the Nintendo Switch.

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When is Loop Hero coming to the Nintendo Switch?

Stopping is much easier said than done in Loop Hero.

Loop Hero is one of the more unique games to release in recent memory. It's not just an endless RPG. It hosts a mix of gameplay elements from other genres like idle, strategy, deckbuilding, roguelike, and more. Because of its popularity on the PC, Loop Hero is headed to the Nintendo Switch as well.

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News of the Switch port was confirmed at Nintendo's Indie World Showcase last August 11, where it was revealed that Loop Hero will be released on the Nintendo Switch this coming holiday season.

Unfortunately, the developers did not provide any information about whether Loop Hero will support cross-progression or allow players to transfer their saved data from the PC to the Switch. Just to be safe, let's assume that you're going to have to start over on the Switch if you already played Loop Hero on the PC.

Not that this would be a problem anyway. If anything, starting over just gives gamers another reason to spend even more time playing Loop Hero.

Because of how Loop Hero is designed as a game, we believe that it's a natural fit on the Switch. Its length and gameplay are very welcome on a console that you can play anywhere and anytime you want.

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