Loki Season 2 is reportedly scheduled to start filming as early as June

A recent report suggests that Season 2 of Loki could arrive sooner than most expected.

After WandaVision had a brief dalliance with the multiverse, the Marvel Cinematic Universe broke the door wide open with Loki. The Thor spinoff series centered exclusively on the God of Mischief, played by Tom Hiddleston, as the Time Variance Authority (TVA) keeps him in check, or at least tries to. Soon after getting in trouble with the TVA, Loki discovers the concept of the multiverse and meets alternate versions of himself, including Sophie Di Martino's Sylvie, a female Loki.

With the way that the first Loki season ended, fans have every reason to want to know what happens next.

By the time that the debut season had ended, Loki and Sylvie found out who created the TVA and its purpose. Unfortunately, their fateful encounter with Jonathan Majors' He Who Remains results in the TVA creator's death, breaking the Sacred Timeline.

Although subsequent MCU shows and films have delved deep into the multiverse, none have fully explored the repercussions of the final moments of Loki and He Who Remains' death. So, fans have been waiting on Marvel Studios to confirm when the next season of Loki is coming. Now, we just found out that it might be here sooner than expected.

According to Backstage, Season 2 of Loki is expected to start filming this summer, which could be anytime between June and September. Furthermore, the same report confirms that Loki Season 2 will be filmed at Pinewood Studios in the UK instead of Pinewood Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Unfortunately, this was the end of all the info on Loki Season 2 that we have.

The silver lining here is that Season 2 will begin filming later this year, suggesting that it might premiere in 2023, probably right around June as well, similar to the first season.

Having said that, don't expect Marvel Studios to start revealing more plot details about Loki Season 2 anytime soon. Marvel Studios' has a penchant for keeping a tight lid on things, so even if the follow-up season will see new directors and a bunch of new characters, we likely wouldn't get confirmation until after filming has started if not finished.

Here's to hoping that Marvel Studios orders more episodes for Loki Season 2 so that audiences can get a chance to spend more time with Tom Hiddleston.

In the meantime, MCU fans can look forward to watching Moon Knight on March 30, starting with its first trailer. Also, keep an eye out for more details about Secret Invasion starring Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury. Finally, if you haven't had a chance to keep up with the MCU's slate of shows on Disney+, you can check out our rankings.

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