Logan Paul was bored by Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer

Oppenheimer has won the hearts of critics and audiences all over the world except the wrestler and social media influencer Logan Paul.

Oppenheimer has been hailed by most people as a theatrical masterpiece.

Oppenheimer is one of the biggest premieres this year, as the film is a critical and commercial success with a 93% Rotten Tomatoes rating and over $700 million box office gross. Even though many of us have waxed lyrical about the Christopher Nolan-helmed biopic, there is one man who was not impressed. That man is Logan Paul, the wrestler and social media influencer.

Oppenheimer is in such demand that theaters agreed to extend its run on IMAX 70mm screens until the end of August, at the very least. Naturally, it's also widely discussed online, with the overwhelming opinion being praise. Naturally, this makes any performatively contrarian take a traffic magnet. 

Recently, Paul invited the YouTube duo RackaRacka on his Impaulsive podcast for a conversation. Among other things, they talked about RackaRacka's A24 hit horror movie Talk to Me. During the discussion, Paul commended the twin brothers for the film's success before commenting that it has a higher Rotten Tomatoes rating than Oppenheimer.

Paul then revealed that he's not a fan of Oppenheimer. Even worse, he said he had attempted to watch the film in a cinema but couldn't sit through it. Instead, he walked out about halfway through. Walking out of movies is often seen as the strongest criticism the average audience-goer can pull. 

In his words, "I didn't know what they were trying to- what are you doing? Everyone's just talking. It's just an hour and a half, 90 minutes, of talking, just talking, talking... It's all expositions. It's all like, nothing happened."

While Oppenheimer is a dialogue heavy film, we would think its premise is obvious and easy to follow. We think his claim that "nothing happened" in the film tells more about him than Oppenheimer. Even though people have complaints about Oppenheimer, we can't recall coming across any that claim nothing happened.

If Paul had been willing to sit through the film and finish it, we dare say he would have understood what it was about. Nevertheless, he is entitled to his opinion - if he wasn't enjoying it, he certainly had the right to leave, which he did. We just think his criticism of the film is harsh and untrue.

Logan Paul isn't as impressed as the rest of us with Oppenheimer.

What's more? We are tempted to think that Paul's problems with Oppenheimer were more a personal failing than anything else. It also points to an endemic issue with Hollywood, with movies terrified of losing the attention of audiences in between overwrought action scenes - well, this is why. 

During the podcast, he revealed he also had a problem with Interstellar, another Nolan film that is dialogue-heavy. Even though he has revised his opinion, he said he found the film boring and almost walked out on it, too.

In his words, "18 minutes into Interstellar and I was considering walking out because it was so slow, and now Interstellar's my top 3 favorite movies." With this confession, it appears that Paul isn't one for films that are dialogue-heavy. We only wish he would realize that and stop trying to watch them only to offer opinions like this about them.

In other news, Paul would like to team up with Dominik Mysterio and form the most hated tag team in the WWE. If this happens, we think it will make for an interesting pairing and even more interesting drama.

Oppenheimer is still showing in theaters worldwide.

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  1. I don't want to come off as a douche but Logan doesn't seem to have the attention span for a movie like this.

    1. The dude is not intelligent and we knows this. He doesn't need to be, clearly.

  2. Everyone is ragging on him but it is a long movie. Like this is not the kind of movie I can sit through in a theater either. I will watch it when it comes out though.

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