Logan Paul out for at least six more weeks after Crown Jewel performance

It looks like Logan Paul's injuries aren't as bad as once thought as the Maverick is expected to be back in action sooner than later.

Fans of the now-undeniable WWE Superstar, Logan Paul, can rest easy knowing that it's only a matter of time before we see him back in action in the WWE.

Logan Paul Out Six Weeks After Crown Jewel
Logan Paul's meteoric rise as a top-billing WWE superstar has been nothing short of a marvel to watch.

In one of his latest vlogs, Paul revealed that his doctor said he came close to having an MCL tear following his daredevil performance at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia against Roman Reigns a few weeks back.

Almost immediately after the match, Paul confirmed his laundry list of potential injuries suffered after literally risking life and limb for a shot at the WWE Universal Championship. But, as it turns out, Paul's injuries aren't severe enough to require surgery. Finally, Paul revealed he'll be wearing a brace and will go through rehab for at least the next six weeks.

If we assume that Paul is telling the truth and this isn't all part of a promo (we still think it is), Paul could get the green light in time for next year's Royal Rumble on January 28.

Just three matches in and Paul has earned the respect of WWE fans, as well as the people backstage. He'll likely receive a warm welcome whenever he comes back. But, if his next match doesn't happen at the Royal Rumble, then we're pretty sure it'll be at WrestleMania 39 in April.

Logan Paul Out Six Weeks After Crown Jewel
It'll be interesting to see Logan Paul work with another WWE legend in the next couple of months.

After squaring up against Roman Reigns, Paul set his eyes on John Cena and the long-time WWE face hasn't been afraid to lean into the rumors.

But, if Paul doesn't get his way, it wouldn't be the worst-case scenario to see him team up with his younger brother, Jake, and feud against the Usos for a while.

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