A live WWE event is coming to India in September

Nick Khan confirmed the WWE's plans for a live event in India following the cancelation of the original plans from last year.

We've got thrilling news for WWE fans in India. The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) will return to the country for a live event later this year. Nick Khan, the current President and CEO of WWE, confirmed the upcoming PPV event.

The last time that the WWE held a big show in India, Triple H was still an active wrestler.

Wrestlenomics' Brandon Thurston was the first to break the news following this year's Moffett Nathanson conference talk.

As one of the most populous countries in the world, the news has brought waves of excitement among the millions of fans in the country who've been eagerly waiting for the next WWE event to happen in India.

WWE's fan base in India is massive, to say the least. As the company looks to expand its global presence, this move is a big step in that direction. It's the perfect opportunity for both WWE and its Indian fans to celebrate the popular sport.

The upcoming live event is planned to be held in September although Khan didn't specify exactly when it will happen and what it will be called.

The WWE originally had plans to hold an event in India last November before postponing it to January and then indefinitely due to the planned merger between Sony India and Zee at the time.

Experts are expecting the event to close in the next few months, paving the way for the PPV to be held in September.

The WWE previously tried to cater to the Indian market in 2017 by putting Jinder Mahal over as the WWE Champion for an entire summer, culminating in the RAW-exclusive event, the WWE India Supershow, on December 9, 2017. The House Show, which was held at the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium in New Delhi, India, saw Triple H defeat Jinder Mahal, among other noteworthy matchups.

With the event date fast approaching, the anticipation is palpable. 

We wouldn't be surprised if The Great Khali made a surprise appearance if the live event in India does take place in September.

But, September is still several months away. In the meantime, WWE fans from around the world can look forward to seeing the WWE take over other parts of the globe.

Case in point, the promotion jets off to Saudi Arabia for Night of Champions on May 27, where it will crown a new World Heavyweight Champion. Finally, the company is headed to London next for Money in the Bank, with Roman Reigns officially confirmed albeit with Drew McIntyre mysteriously taken off the cards. The WWE won't return to the United States for a PPV until August 5 for this year's SummerSlam at Ford Field in Detroit.

Given the WWE's expansion to other parts of the world, expect to see other countries aside from India to host a live event or a PPV later this year.

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