Lionsgate wants an AAA John Wick game

CEO Jon Feltheimer has indicated Lionsgate’s interest in making a big-budget video game for John Wick.

Jon Feltheimer, CEO of Lionsgate, revealed, in a recent earnings call, that his company wants to see a AAA game that is based on John Wick happen.

John Wick
John Wick has all the makings of an action game with its spectacular fight scenes that include sizzling gun battles and scintillating hand to hand combat.

Feltheimer claims that studio executives have been "fielding proposals" for a big AAA video game based on the Keanu Reeves-led action series. He, however, refrained from sharing further details because conversations are ongoing about the idea.

In his words, "I don't want to get ahead of myself here, but we believe there is a big AAA game to be made out of John Wick. We have been fielding proposals. We certainly are interested in moving that forward, but I don't want to say anything more about that at this time."

Feltheimer also took the time to appreciate the brains behind the series for the job they've done in maintaining the franchise’s value and increasing its worth with each movie. So far, the John Wick series has released three movies that have grossed a combined total of $584 million against a $145 million budget. This success is expected to continue with the fourth installment which will hit theaters next year.

John Wick
The John Wick series has been highly successful with a combined gross of $584 million from a $145 million budget.

John Wick is a neo-noir action thriller film following the titular character as he makes his journey through the criminal underworld he had abandoned. The series features incredible gunfights and well-choreographed hand-to-hand combats. The first John Wick movie was released in 2014 with great success. The second installment in the franchise was released in 2017 and the latest was John Wick: Chapter 3. It was released in 2019.

Apart from the movie series, the Keanu Reeves character has appeared in other properties. These include a VR game titled John Wick Chronicles and a video game titled John Wick Hex. The character has also appeared in Fortnite and as a DLC in Payday 2.

Lionsgate is currently working on a John Wick spin-off movie starring Ana de Armas. Also, the company is working on a TV series which is scheduled for release sometime in 2023. Finally, the series' long-time director, Chad Stahelski, is working with Sony on a live-action Ghost of Tsushima adaptation that could feature an all-Japanese cast.

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