Japanese Gamers Are Getting Life-Sized Lady Dimitrescu Towels

Capcom probably hasn't leaned this much into the popularity of a Resident Evil villain ever since the original Resident Evil 3's nemesis. Even then, gamers probably didn't get a chance to see life-sized standees of the bazooka-wielding tyrant just like how hard Capcom is leaning into Lady Dimitrescu of Castle Dimitrescu.

At nearly 219 centimeters, the life-sized Lady Dimitrescu is huge.

Case in point, Capcom just launched a competition on Twitter wherein the winners will get the chance to win a life-sized Lady Dimitrescu towel.

Get a Chance to Win a Life-Sized Lady Dimitrescu Towel

If we're being honest, we wouldn't be surprised if Lady Dimitrescu ends up making another appearance in future Resident Evil games.

We highly doubt that Capcom ever envisioned that fans would fall head over heels over the 9-foot-6 gargantuan woman. After all, she is just one of the four (five?) main villains of Resident Evil Village. But, now that Capcom knows just how integral Lady Dimitrescu is to the popularity of the latest mainline video game installment of the Resident Evil franchise, it only makes sense that they make the most out of the opportunity. At least, until the release of Resident Evil Village in May.

With that said, no one probably ever expected Capcom to start giving away life-sized Lady Dimitrescu towels to interested gamers.

If you're wondering what you have to do to get a chance to win a life-sized Lady Dimitrescu towel, it's actually pretty simple. All you have to do is to reply to the original tweet by Capcom Japan, share your thoughts about Resident Evil Village, and prove that you've played the most recent demo. From there, Capcom Japan will select the lucky gamer who will receive a life-sized Lady Dimitrescu towel.

Unfortunately, as easy as that may sound, the promotional event is exclusive to gamers in Japan.

In case you're wondering just how large the life-sized Lady Dimitrescu towels are, Capcom Japan graced fans with a comparison video. In the video, Capcom Japan compared the size of the life-sized Lady Dimitrescu towel to an adult man standing around 180 centimeters. As you might expect, the man barely comes up to the hips of the life-sized Lady Dimitrescu towel.

If it's any consolation, the demo isn't limited to Japan only. Just in case you missed it, Capcom has made a rather extensive playable demo of Resident Evil Village available to all platforms worldwide. However, getting your hands on the said demo is not as easy as it sounds. The Resident Evil Village demos release at different times depending on which platform you want to play the game on and where you live.

Lucky for you, we broke down Capcom's confusing scheduling as best as we could, so you might want to check out our guide.

The latest Castle Demo for PlayStation owners treated fans to 30 minutes of actual gameplay inside Castle Dimitrescu. The upcoming hour-long demo for the other platforms will combine both the Village Demo and Castle Demo. Instead of one hour, the upcoming Resident Evil Village demo will give players an hour to explore two of the game's most prominent locales.

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