LG introduces a massive 325-Inch 8K home cinema display

The tech world has made some huge advancements over the years, and it continues to grow and surprise everyone despite technological stagnation occuring from time to time. Just when we all thought it couldn’t get any better, we got something new every single time, hence the continued and gradual growth in the tech market.

LG's 392-Inch Home Cinema Display

We’ve seen vast improvements in all sorts of tech, including smartphones, cameras, gaming consoles, computers, and of course, TVs. Over a decade or so, we’ve seen huge improvements in the TV industry from well-known manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, etc. There was a time when we were more than happy with our 40-to-50-inch TV in the living room.

But the standards have gone up ever since companies such as Samsung and Sony decided to introduce TVs such as the 292-inch MicroLED TV dubbed ‘The Wall’ and a 100-inch XD9 4K TV, respectively.

Samsung's 292-Inch 'The Wall'

Recently, LG decided to compete against the tech giants such as Samsung and Sony and give them a run for their money (or not) by introducing a brand new 325-Inch flatscreen LED TV that costs $1.7 Million. Yup, you heard that right. It is indeed a 325-Inch giant for your homes or mansions, to be precise.

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LG has taken the visual experience to a whole new level by introducing a new line of Direct View LED (DVLED) collections to provide a cinema experience in the comfort of your own home. The 325-Inch TV is part of this collection. The smallest available size is 108-Inch and, of course, the largest being the 325-Inch DVLED TV. LG's home cinema display options include the following:

  • 2K Full HD
  • Dual 2K Ultra Stretch
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Dual 4K Ultra Stretch
  • 8K Ultra HD

The above-mentioned display resolutions range from a 108-inch display all the way up to a 325-Inch display.

What makes DVLED technology stand out? Generally, most TVs in the market use LCD panels made up of a layer of liquid crystal accompanied by a backlight to light up the display. However, DVLED is different. This particular display option uses a surface array of light-emitting diodes (LED) mounted directly on the circuit panel. This panel also includes MicroLEDs to create pixels and eliminate blurriness or tearing, resulting in crisp and clear image quality.

DVLED results in a crisp image quality, beautiful vibrant colors, excellent contrast, and brightness levels. But, having so many LEDs also leads to the humongous size of the display weighing approximately 2,000 pounds (907 kgs).

Now, are we going to see this 325-Inch display commonly? Probably not. There are many reasons why common consumers might not go for this option. The first being the price, obviously! The second issue is the size, oh the irony. While the size is impressive and might make the consumers drool, the average consumer won’t have the necessary space to mount this 2,000 pounds display. And of course, let’s not forget the power consumption this TV will cause resulting in higher than average electricity bills.

While the 325-Inch option might not be an average consumer’s cup of tea, they can always opt for a smaller, more affordable 2K or 4K display option which is more than enough for your house. 325-Inch is pretty good if used commercially or at an industrial level.

2K Full HD Display
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