Nintendo fan submits LEGO idea for a Donkey Kong-themed set

The proposed LEGO set has already attained half the votes it needs to be placed under consideration by the LEGO Group.

The LEGO Group is well-known for LEGO Ideas, its strategic audience engagement initiative. In the past, fans have submitted LEGO concepts that have been adopted into LEGO sets, such as the Doctor Who set and Ghostbusters' ECTO-1 set. Now, a Nintendo fan has proposed a new idea for a LEGO set inspired by the famous arcade game, Donkey Kong.

Posted on Reddit by u/LegoIdeasRetroArcade, the Donkey Kong set currently has 5,032 supporters with 573 days left to vote.

According to the Reddit user, once the proposal attains 10,000 votes, it will stand a chance to become a real LEGO set. In the concept, Donkey Kong is depicted holding a barrel on a ramp while standing beside a frightened Pauline, with a high score display located next to her.

Proposed Donkey Kong set.

Here is a summary of the idea:

Donkey Kong has been an iconic video game character for over 40 years.

This set contains 800 pieces, Donkey Kong and one minifigure.

Two of my happiest childhood memories are LEGO and going to the arcade. These are the main reasons I built this model, combining them together to create this Donkey Kong project.

I’m sure you will agree, this would be a great LEGO set to own for many nostalgic adults.

Please click the support button and help this nostalgic project reach 10,000 supporters!

Thank you for your support and have a great day 😀

We are certainly interested to watch what transpires after the proposal receives the necessary number of votes to be taken into consideration. Past collaborations between Nintendo and LEGO have proven to be successful (case in point, the Super Mario-themed sets), and a recent leak suggests that a Legend of Zelda LEGO set might already be in production. However, it remains to be seen whether the successful partnership between the two companies will last.

The estimated cost of the Nintendo Switch 2 is around $399.99.

Speaking of Nintendo, the release date of the much-awaited Nintendo Switch 2 has been leaked online. According to reports, Nintendo fans can expect to see the latest Switch console in stores in the winter. As it stands, Nintendo has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors.

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