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Lego "confirms" collaboration with 2K on soccer title

The latest images from a 2K- Branded LEGO Minifigure on a soccer pitch might confirm reports from February of LEGO and 2K reaching a license agreement for sports games.

lego confirms collaboration k soccer
Football Mania was a Lego-themed soccer game that came out in 2002.

Back in February, it was reported that 2K Sports had signed a multi-game partnership with LEGO that's good for the production and publishing of three sports titles.

The deal would kick off with a soccer game released later this year to coincide with the World Cup, followed by an open-world racing game and a third game associated with a popular sports franchise.

By the looks of it, we’re finally getting closer to the first step in that plan, as a new material has surfaced on LEGO’s certification page for safety regulations.

The discovery of Lego’s slip-up is accredited to blogger 1414falconfan, who first shared the image. The image depicts a minifigure of a new character in the LEGO universe, Finnius Dash, wearing a shark in what appears to be Barcelona FC gear.

More importantly, there’s a 2K logo in the lower right corner of the package, while the Lego figure is on a soccer pitch. Considering 2K Sports still doesn’t have a soccer game despite multiple sports titles, this nearly confirms the upcoming release of its latest collaboration.

lego confirms collaboration k soccer
A LEGO soccer game will definitely do well especially with FIFA and EA already parting ways.

According to reports back in February, Lego wanted to collaborate with other studios and partners for their games in the future. Remembering that TT Games, which is owned by Warnes Bros, has had an exclusivity deal with Lego for more than two decades, this signals a change in direction. This mini-figure might not confirm an accompanying toy line with the new game but it could definitely serve as a promotional piece.

Speaking of soccer, the sport's utmost governing body, FIFA, is working on blockchain video games after parting ways with Electronic Arts.

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