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Legend of Mana Remake to Release on June 2021

Square Enix is at it again with re-introducing one of their old Mana RPG titles to modern audiences.

This time around, it's the Legend of Mana that's getting the HD treatment.

Square Enix announced this earlier today via a gorgeous trailer above.

What's unique about the Legend of Mana remake is that Square Enix decided to stick to the game's roots this time around.

This is a stark departure from what they've done in previous attempts.

Case in point, 1993's Secret of Mana was remade with a topdown view and used a 3D art style that drew mixed reactions. Meanwhile, just last year, their attempt to re-imagine the game's sequel, 1995's Trials of Mana, divided fans even more as they switched up the style and made the game play more like a modern third-person action-RPG.

With the Legend of Mana remake, Square Enix opted to make an HD remaster of the original 1999 PSX remaster.

What this means is that the remake will retain the same gorgeous pixel art that the original had, only upscaled and remastered to look just as beautiful on modern consoles.

In addition to the remastered HD pixel art graphics, the Legend of Mana remake will also see its soundtrack rearranged and with certain mini-games that were previously exclusive to Japan now being made available worldwide.

The Legend of Mana remake will release on June 24, 2021 on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows PCs via Steam.



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