Evil Dead Rise director shares his sequel ideas for horror franchise

Evil Dead Rise debuted to generally positive reviews and a slightly higher box office gross than projected.

Evil Dead Rise is the first installment of the franchise in over a decade.

The Evil Dead franchise lives on. The latest installment of the supernatural horror franchise titled Evil Dead Rise debuted at the box office last Friday to generally positive reviews and has grossed over $40 million against a $19 million budget. Naturally, given the film’s performance, there have been talks of a sequel.

Now, Lee Cronin, the director of Evil Dead Rise, has revealed that he is not short of ideas for any potential sequel. Cronin made this revelation during a recent interview with Variety where he revealed that he has four different ideas for a potential sequel.

The director stated that, even though the ending can be interpreted as such, he didn’t intend to bait the film for sequels. Instead, he wanted the film’s ending to close "the loop back to the beginning." He continued, "The way the story is told, I’ve got four places I’d like to look at in terms of where to go… I’m excited for the potential of what could be next and and really hope that I can be involved in in future chapters."

Cronin’s four ideas are summarized below:

  • Explore the origin of the Book of the Dead: Cronin pointed to the fact that there is untold history in the franchise. While the history is "presented through the vinyl." Cronin believes "there's a story to be told there."
  • Beth and her chainsaw: Another of Cronin’s sequel ideas involves exploring what happens after one of the film’s survivors, Beth, picks up the chainsaw she used to defeat the Deadites.
  • The aftermath of the apartment building: Cronin thinks the apartment building can serve as the origin of another story. He revealed that a potential sequel idea is to explore what happens when a cleanup crew shows up at the site.
  • The cabin in the woods: The final idea Cronin revealed to Variety involves going back to the lakeside cabin where the movie began. The director showed plenty of enthusiasm about this idea and shared his opinion that it’ll be fun if a sequel explores that idea.
Evil Dead Rise director Lee Cronin wants the franchise to continue and already has four ideas for a sequel.

While Cronin’s conversation with Variety crystallized his sequel ideas, this isn't the first time he's spoken about them. During an interview that took place after the film’s premiere in March, the director revealed much the same thing.

In the said interview, Cronin stated:

For me, actually what it [the cabin in the woods] was driven by is the idea that the force can't really be destroyed. So, even though there's someone adjacent to all the madness that has happened, that force can prevail and can kind of continue onwards. So, that's one pathway. There's also, there's a second storyline, a hundred years in the past that's shared in this. And that's also a storyline I've had boiling for what goes on behind that vinyl. You could go back in time. Then I've got one Priest versus a hundred Deadites. 'John Wick Evil Dead.'"

Evil Dead Rise is currently showing in theaters worldwide.

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