Lebron James rumored to be part of Multiversus

Warner Bros. hasn't even confirmed Multiversus yet but rumors are already suggesting that Lebron James is one of its DLC characters.

Out of all the games that are currently rumored to be in development, Warner Bros.' unannounced Smash-style platform fighter has to be right up there amongst the weirdest of them.

Lebron James Part Of Multiversus Scaled
It appears that Lebron is already plotting his post-NBA course.

According to an earlier leak, the platform fighter, Multiversus, has been in development for quite some time. Now, it appears that the roster of the game is going to be even more expansive than expected. In addition to the likes of Gandalf, Shaggy, and Batman, the latest word from the grapevine suggests that NBA superstar Lebron James is going to join in on the fun as well.

When is WB going to confirm Multiversus?

Lebron James Part Of Multiversus
Reports state that Multiversus has been in development even before Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl.

So far, Warner Bros. has shown no indication that Multiversus is real. All we have to go on is a leak from Reddit and the words of video game journalist, Jeff Grub. He's one of the few to back up the initial leak. More importantly, Jeff is the latest source of information about how Lebron James is going to join Multiversus as one of the game's first DLC fighters.

If you're wondering how Lebron James will fare in a non-basketball video game, you might want to take a look at Space Jam 2. The future NBA Hall of Famer was part of the video game tie-in to his latest movie. It wouldn't be far off to assume that he'd be more open to appearing in video games, especially after already joining Fortnite as a skin earlier this year.

Aside from Lebron James, Grubb also alluded to Tony Soprano joining Multiversus as a fighter. Given the Warner Bros. also owns the distribution rights to The Sopranos TV show, this isn't impossible.

Having said that, this isn't, by any means, a confirmation that Multiversus exists. No one has ever confirmed or even hinted that Multiversus is in the works. Warner Bros.' upcoming slate of games is pretty stacked, so the studio might not want to take away the spotlight from the likes of Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. But, then again, who knows? We'd be lying if the idea of seeing Shaggy get into a fistfight with a Gandalf isn't so absurd and we'd love to see it happen.

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