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Leaks reveal Bioshock 4 setting and protagonist

According to the information, Bioshock Isolation will be the title of the next entry into the series.

According to the leaks, Bioshock 4 will be released no later than 2024.
According to the leaks, Bioshock 4 will be released no later than 2024.

It has been a long while since 2K produced a Bioshock title. The last entry in the series was Bioshock Infinite which was released in 2013.

New rumors have emerged with information on the next entry in the Bioshock franchise. It reveals key details about the game that is being developed by Cloud Chamber, a division under 2K Games based in Novato, California. The info comes from a reliable source, but they clarified that the leak is unverified.

2K Games revealed in December 2019 that a Bioshock game was in development. The game was planned as early as 2013 after the release of Bioshock Infinite. It's currently stuck in development hell, as per earlier leaks.

What we know about Bioshock 4

The leaked image gives us the name and setting for Bioshock 4.
The leaked image gives us the name and setting for Bioshock 4.

The fourth installment to the franchise will be called Bioshock Isolation. According to @OopsLeaks, "the logo and internal presentation slides posted by me come from the 2020 Slack messenger data breach."

The leaks claim Bioshock 4 will be set in Antarctica, namely the cities of Aurora and Borealis. The game will feature an open-world environment that is larger than any previous Bioshock game.

Bioshock 4’s plot will revolve around the "aggregate states of water" and there will be multiple endings. The tweets also mention that Bioshock 4 will have a female protagonist and that multiple characters from previous titles will return.

Bioshock 4 will be overhauling the combat system to include multiple abilities and various utilities. Terrain will also have an impact on the combat mechanics.

The art style for the game will be similar to Deathloop, according to the leaks. The graphic design has been described as "1960s The British Invasion and counterculture vibes, style is psychedelic and trippy."

@OopsLeaks also narrates that the planned announcement for the game earlier this year was delayed due to staff reduction. Multiple sources have reported that the Cloud Chamber lost around 40 people including project leads.

The leaks do not give a concrete announcement date but speculate that it may come at the next Playstation Showcase or The Game Awards 2022. According to the information given, the game will be released no later than 2024.

BioShock 4 was included in the infamous Nvidia GeForce Now leak, which all but confirms that it is indeed in development. Unfortunately, with the year coming to an end, it looks like Bioshock 4 is still far away from launching.

Coincidentally, Ken Levine's new game with his new studio, Ghost Story Games, is also having issues. Levine previously spearheaded the development of BioShock and BioShock Infinite before moving on to work on a different project.

A BioShock live-action film adaptation for Netflix is currently in development with Francis Lawrence and Michael Green involved.

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