Leaks suggest Halo Infinite to release in December (Update: confirmed)

After the date was leaked only hours earlier, Microsoft has confirmed that Halo Infinite will officially arrive on December 8.

Update: immediately following the publication of this story, a December 8 release date for Halo Infinite was officially confirmed.

Halo Infinite has been the subject of numerous rumors and speculation. However, what's been lost in the confusing mix of official and datamined information, as well as educated guesses, is an actual release date.

So far, no one from 343 Industries or Microsoft has confirmed when Halo Infinite is going to release. However, if the several credible sources who have come out within the past 24 hours are correct, 343 Industries' latest Halo game is going to release on December 8, 2021.

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Is the Halo Infinite release date confirmed?

Here's to hoping that Halo Infinite launches in a playable state even if it's incomplete.

Earlier this year, Xbox head Phil Spencer confirmed that Halo Infinite was on track for a holiday 2021 release. Since then, other important intel about Halo Infinite has come out.

We know that certain features of the game will come later and that the game is going to have at least one more technical test soon.

Now, the latest information about Halo Infinite is that it's going to release on December 8.

As you can see above, the December 8, 2021 date isn't just some wild guess. It comes from the European Microsoft storage page. What and who leads credence to this leak is Tom Warren, a known Microsoft insider who replied to the tweet and corroborated the said date.

What is interesting is that Microsoft hasn't updated the US and UK Microsoft Storage page listings of Halo Infinite. You can still see the December 31, 2021 placeholder dates there, which haven't changed since Halo Infinite was postponed last year.

With that said, the leaker did mention that the update to the listing was applied only a few hours ago. This suggests that Microsoft and 343 Industries are just sitting on a big Halo Infinite announcement (now since confirmed). The game was notably absent at the August 24 Xbox Gamescom 2021 showcase. One reason for this could be that Microsoft is preparing to drop a big announcement about Halo Infinite at Geoff Keighley's Opening Night Live event.

Here's to hoping that this is indeed the case. After a year-long delay (and longer for the campaign co-op as well as the Forge map-building mode), Halo fans are due for some good news.

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