Leaks confirm four Sun and Moon Pokemon are coming to Pokemon Go

Dataminers revealed that four fan-favorite Pokemon from Gen VII are coming to the mobile game.

Pokémon Go recently concluded the Poké Fest 2022 with a one-day finale event on August 27. The finale event featured a raid wherein players got the chance to capture three of the eleven known Ultra Beasts: Buzzwole, Nihilego, and Pheromosa.

The recently concluded Poke Fest 2022 added three Ultra Beasts to Pokemon Go.
The recently concluded Poke Fest 2022 added three Ultra Beasts to Pokemon Go.

However, reliable dataminers @PokeMiners have found a fourth Ultra Beast in Pokémon Go, which hints at a similar event in the future. Along with the Ultra Beast, three other popular Pokémon from Sun and Moon were also found in the game’s files.

For those wondering what Ultra Beasts are, they are a special group of Pokémon originating from Ultra Space. These interstellar Pokémon appear infrequently near Ultra Wormholes in the Alola Region.

The Alola region is the setting for Pokémon Sun and Moon, which first came out in 2016 for the Nintendo 3Ds. Pokémon from Sun and Moon are referred to as Generation VII Pokémon as the game is the seventh in the series.

Four Pokémon from Gen VII

Celesteela will be the fourth Ultra Beast added to the game.
Celesteela will be the fourth Ultra Beast added to the game.

The four Pokémon that were found in Pokémon Go’s files are Mareanie, Toxapex, Lunala and Celesteela. The leaked Pokémon models are for both the normal and shiny variants.

Mareanie is a Poison / Water type Pokémon that looks like a plant stalk with starfish-like tentacles on its head. The tentacles have spines that the Mareanie uses to poison its prey. Just like a starfish, Mareanie can regenerate parts of its body that have been cut off except its head.

Mareanie evolves into Toxapex when it reaches level 38 in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Fans are excited for Toxapex as it can be a very good Pokémon for defending gyms and in PVP.

Lunala is a legendary Psychic / Ghost Pokémon that was introduced in Gen VII. It evolves from Cosmoem at level 53 in Pokémon Moon. Lunala looks like a bat that has wings in the shape of the moon when spread out. Cosmoem can also evolve into Solgaleo in Pokémon Sun.

Celesteela is a Steel / Flying type Ultra Beast with the code name UB-04 Blaster. Celesteela’s appearance resembles a humanoid that has arms that look like large bamboo stalks. Its body looks like a multilayered skirt covering its lower legs. Unlike the other three leaked Pokémon, Celesteela does not evolve into any other Pokémon.

Future events

Toxapex can be a good Pokémon for defending gyms.
Toxapex can be a good Pokémon for defending gyms.

The discovery of Celesteela in the game’s files may hint at future events that will introduce the Ultra Beast to Pokémon Go. Players have also found in-game dialogue from the Radiant Reunion Special Research quest which suggests that both Solgaleo and Lunala will appear in the game.

Discovering the full model for Lunala confirms the hint from the in-game dialogue. This would also mean that Solgaleo could also be added in the near future. The Radiant Reunion quest is part of Poké Fest 2022.

The raid event during the finale of Poké Fest 2022 is currently the only way to capture an Ultra Beast. Fans speculate that while Lunala and Solgaleo are not technically Ultra Beasts, they will be added to the game through a similar event.

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