Leaker teases release date for Final Fantasy 16

The popular leaker dropped a cryptic hint about the potential release date for the next mainline Final Fantasy installment.

The release date for Final Fantasy 16 is being heavily hinted for a reveal next week at The Game Awards. In addition to Yoshi-P's appearance at the event, a Brazil listing all but confirms that its launch is near.

Leaker Release Date Final Fantasy
It'll be interesting to see how Square Enix will handle the release of two major Final Fantasy games in the same year.

But, before we get official info, a trusted insider who rose to fame for leaking The Last of Us Part 1 earlier this year, just got cryptic all of a sudden.

@insider_wtf sent the brains of Final Fantasy fans for a loop as it tweeted something about grains of sand, crystals, and nations. It didn't take long for a clever bunch to figure out what they were talking about.

Apparently, the "six nations" alludes to the six nations in Final Fantasy 16. More importantly, it can also be taken to mean the sixth month of the year or June. Finally, the phrase "twenty two grains of sand" might mean the 22nd day of the month. If you put both together, the release date for Final Fantasy 16 could be June 22, which falls in line with the Summer 2023 release window confirmed earlier this year.

Final Fantasy 16 is one of the most highly anticipated games that's set to launch next year. Coincidentally, it also doesn't have a specific release date yet, just like the others.

While it would make sense for Square Enix to hold an individual showcase for Final Fantasy 16, it wouldn't hurt to do a reveal at a much larger event. With only weeks to go before the year ends, you can't get bigger than The Game Awards. It also appears that FF16 isn't the only game that's getting a release date reveal in Los Angeles next week.

We could find out the release dates of games like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and Diablo 4 by then, with pre-orders going live as well. If we're lucky, Bethesda Softworks will join in on the fun and let us know when Starfield is coming out at the said event as well.

Leaker Release Date Final Fantasy
Next summer will last from June 21 to September 23.

Ultimately, all the rumors will make you want to tune in to The Game Awards on December 8.

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