Fans are loving the leaked The Flash costume for Ezra Miller

Unfortunately, Ezra Miller's attachment to the film and to the DC Universe is still generating a ton of hate online.

For better or for worse, the DC Universe's Scarlet Speedster is finally getting a live-action adaptation. After several delays, The Flash is hitting theaters on June 16. Although we aren't getting an official trailer until this year's Super Bowl, leaks have given us something to bite on in the meantime.

leaked the flash costume ezra miller
We're just glad that the DCU isn't going with Zack Snyder's direction for The Flash's costume.

As per Mikhail Villareal on Twitter, Ezra Miller is getting a new costume for The Flash and fans are loving the new red and gold outfit. It looks a lot less battle-ready with minimal or even zero armor plates and more functional, or at least, one that looks like something The Flash would actually wear.

Ironically, the mask is similar to the one that The Flash wears in NetherRealm Studio's Injustice 2, which was the inspiration for the now-defunct SnyderVerse.

A good costume doesn't necessarily mean that The Flash is going to be a great film. It doesn't mask Ezra Miller and his run-ins with the law either. However, it's a start. If The Flash can nail it in the costume department, people will have less to complain about when the film hits theaters.

Having said that, don't be surprised if Barry Allen ends up wearing multiple Flash costumes in the movie. Keep in mind that The Flash is inspired by the Flashpoint storyline, which involves traveling through time. The earlier glimpses of the Fastest Man Alive confirm several variants of the speedster will show up (along with different variants of other superheroes), so we might see Miller's original costume from his earlier cinematic appearances as The Flash.

leaked the flash costume ezra miller
Fans are describing The Flash's new costume as more Wally West than Barry Allen.

Speaking of, Warner Bros. Discovery is reportedly optimistic about The Flash. Early test screenings compared the film to The Dark Knight trilogy by Christopher Nolan.  Finally, it's believed that the DCU is considering keeping Miller on board as The Flash for the foreseeable future.

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