Leaked Sony Sci-Fi RPG reportedly built in Unreal Engine 5 by Outriders dev team

A five-second clip of what is supposedly Sony’s new Sci-Fi RPG went viral on Twitter last week, leaving fans with more questions than answers.

Sony sure does know a thing or two about making successful first-party games and it seems we have a new candidate on the rise. And according to the leaked footage that surfaced last week, it’s a Sci-Fi RPG that XDev is working on. In case you have never heard of them, they are the studio that Sony turns to to support external developers working on their PlayStation ventures.

outriders detail
2021 Outriders came and went with little to no fan fare despite great production

Knowing XDev’s role in major projects like this one has sparked a wave of suggestions on who might be behind the wheel of the project. And while people have been throwing out assumptions about what third-party studio is involved , one theory is starting to gain ground. Fingers are being pointed toward the Polish video game developer, People Can Fly, which is responsible for the creation of Outriders.

projkect red studio
Is this the project 'RED', People Can Fly were planning?

The leaked footage might be linked to the early days of production on the much anticipated Starfield. Another upcoming release crafted with Unreal Engine 5 technology like the clip shows could be Ubisoft’s Star Wars game. But how did a user named "John Elden Ring", who’s a respected figure in the ResetERA forum community, find the correlation to People Can Fly?

Well for starters, the leaked video shows a few elements in the bottom right corner, which some have interpreted as the word 'RED'. If we take a trip down memory lane to 2021, we can see how People Can Fly announced a project 'RED'. At the time, the developer stated that the project was in the "concept development phase".

project red outsiders
Project 'RED' seems to be near the end of their priorities

With the studio’s experience with third-person shooters and the leaked footage showing just that, this was enough for people to jump aboard the theory. Sony is no stranger to smashing hits like God of War: Ragnarok, which won the Game of the Year award, and even Last of Us, which is receiving an HBO adaptation fairly soon.

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