Leaked PC gameplay of Returnal confirms NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR

Despite the devs' best efforts, the cat's out of the bag. Returnal's PC visual settings leaked.

Despite all the leaks hinting towards the eventual release of Returnal on PC, Housemarque has been awfully quiet about it. From the NVIDIA listing leak to the unintentional PC showcase, Housemarque couldn't have made it any more obvious.

Leaked Pc Gameplay Of Returnal Confirms Nvidia Dlss And Amd Fsr

While the previous suggestions and leaks were associated with the word "speculation," the latest addition to the leak confirms that the Returnal PC port is much closer than you think.

Apparently, the PC gameplay of the Returnal showcasing the visual settings has been leaked online. The settings seem to have a lot of advanced visual features, including ray-tracing shadows and reflections, screen optimization features like NVIDIA DLSS, and even AMD's FSR feature.

These highly sophisticated features seem to be the norm in the realm of PC gaming today, as we've seen similar features officially shown off in a PC trailer of the upcoming Warner Bros. game, Gotham Knights.

Moreover, the settings also featured Vsync and a slider with an option to select 'unlimited' frames per second as the cap. Depending on your selected screen optimization option, you can also use the slider to change your resolution scaling.

The leaked video appeared on the IconEra Forum, which is notorious for its reliable leaks and other insider details about upcoming triple-A titles.

We're not showing the video for obvious reasons, but the video has been taken down by Sony on Youtube.
We're not showing the video for obvious reasons, but the video has been taken down by Sony on Youtube.

While the leaked video doesn't give us much more to go except the limited customization options, which the PC players are already familiar with, it is safe to assume that with such thorough customization features already in place, it is on its way to the official announcement sooner than you think.

Lately, PlayStation has been growing its list of PC ports substantially. With the recent God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Spider-Man Remastered releases. The company has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. PlayStation is determined to bring more PC ports, and it is a surprise that Returnal isn't on the growing list already.

Earlier this year, there was a massive NVIDIA GeForce Now leak that revealed all the new games coming to PC, including the PlayStation ports.

One of the games on the list was Returnal.
One of the games on the list was Returnal.

Additionaly, there was another find that clearly suggested the game is coming to the PC, and for this one, you can blame the developers of the game. In September, Housemarque did a presentation during GDC 2022 that showcased the VFX and particle workings in the game. Interestingly enough, Alexander Battaglia of Digital Foundry pointed out in a tweet that the VFX showcase was done on PC.

With no official announcement from PlayStation or Housemarque, it is unclear when we can expect the game on PC. But, we know that the game is already quite far into development and may be announced soon.

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