The leaked Injustice animated movie preview is going viral

With a preview trailer already available, it looks like it's only a matter of time before the Injustice animated movie is released.

The Injustice universe is set in an alternate reality where Batman and Superman take opposing sides after a fallout following the death of Lois Lane at the hands of Batman's arch-nemesis, the Joker.

Leaked Injustice Animated Movie Preview
A bad day for Superman means a bad timeline for the rest of the universe.

Well, technically, Supes killed his wife. Joker gassed him with Scarecrow's fear toxic, leading him to think that he was fighting against his biggest fear, which happens to be Doomsday.

In any case, this sets off a cascade of events that occurs through many years and has so far spanned two games, multiple comic books that detail the events before, in between, and after the Injustice games, as well as an upcoming animated movie adaptation.

With the Injustice animated movie set to premiere sometime this fall, a preview or trailer was expected to drop soon.

However, while an Injustice animated movie preview did drop, it's not exactly from official sources.

Check out the leaked Injustice animated movie preview

It's been said that Joker's story all started with a really bad day, but have you ever stopped to wonder what would happen if that bad day happened to Superman?

The Injustice games are the answer to that.

NetherRealm's fighting games are widely considered some of the best fighting games of all time and some of the best superhero games around. Although both games have been praised for their gameplay and execution, one of their biggest draws is their story. As we've already mentioned, the plot revolves around a conflict of ideology between Batman and Superman.

Because these two are some of the most influential superheroes in their universe, the divide causes a rift between all heroes and villains alike. The resulting conflict is so massive that it spans roughly a decade of fighting, if you consider the fact that NetherRealm hasn't ruled out a third Injustice game just yet.

But before Injustice 3 arrives, fans can feast their eyes on an animated adaptation of the games.

Leaked Injustice Animated Movie Preview
Superman in the Injustice games isn't necessarily pure evil. He's more of a tyrant with somewhat good intentions.

Unfortunately, the Injustice animated movie doesn't have an official release date yet. We also don't know which events it will cover. All that we know is that it's coming in fall 2021 and that the cast members have already been decided.

Judging by the preview above, it will take the main idea of the Injustice universe and put its own spin on it. This means that it probably won't cover everything that happened between Year Zero to Year Five. Then again, we wouldn't exactly mind it if we were proven wrong either.

Here's to hoping that it drops in early fall 2021 and coincides with the reveal of Injustice 3 or whatever NetherRealm's next project is going to be.

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