Leaked GTA 6 footage in Goat Simulator 3 taken down by Take-Two Interactive

Coffee Stain North should know by now that Take-Two Interactive doesn't play around.

You could say that Coffee Stain North prides itself on trolling fans. After all, you'd have to have a pretty mischievous mind to come up with a game that's basically about putting the players in the shoes of a goat who's out and wreaking havoc all over the city. Even though such antics are par for the course for the long-time Goat Simulator developers, there is such a thing as taking things too far. Case in point, ribbing Take-Two Interactive, and Rockstar Games.

leaked gta footage goat simulator taken down
We're surprised Take-Two Interactive isn't taking more drastic actions if only to teach the Goat Simulator devs a lesson.

The fan-favorite video game developer, Rockstar, don't joke around when it comes to their games, especially the holding company that owns it, Take-Two. There's a reason why the massive GTA 6 leak from months ago was covered up relatively quickly.

So, you can only imagine just how fast Take-Two and Rockstar will move when someone purposefully re-uploads the leaked GTA 6 footage online. This is exactly what Coffee Stain North did with Goat Simulator 3. A recent ad for the recently-released sandbox adventure game included GTA 6 gameplay from the leaked video, with the ad going as far as to poke fun at the predicament by saying that the clip is from "footage that was leaked a couple of months ago."

As much as you'd love to commend Coffee Stain North's attempt at humor, this sort of stuff just won't fly with Take-Two.

The ad is no longer available, which implies Take-Two issued a DMCA notice to have it taken off the face of the internet.

leaked gta footage goat simulator taken down
There's a time and place for joking around and unfortunately, the leaked GTA 6 footage is not something to joke about.

Speaking of GTA 6, Microsoft is expecting the next mainline GTA installment to come out in 2024.

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