The leaked free PS Plus games for July 2022 are an absolute banger

The free games for PS Plus Essential subscribers next month should give PlayStation owners another reason to stay around.

They say that the honeymoon phase is usually the best time for anything.

It's unlikely, but we're hoping that the success of Crash Bandicoot 4 will give Activision-Blizzard a reason to make Toys for Bob come back and do a fifth game.

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Now that Sony has finally finished rolling out the PS Plus revamp to all territories, it appears that the video game manufacturer wants to make a good impression.

After giving away God of War, among others, for last month, Dealabs user billbil-ku claims that the July 2022 PS Plus lineup is:

    • Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time (PS5 / PS4)
    • The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan (PS4)
    • Arcadegeddon (PS5/PS4)
Man of Medan isn't Supermassive Games' best outing, but it's not the studio's worst either.

Naturally, the headliner here is Crash Bandicoot 4. Toys for Bob's sequel to the classic platforming series came out in 2020 for the PS4 and enjoyed excellent reviews, much more so when the PS5 port came in 2021. Many consider Crash Bandicoot 4 the best Crash Bandicoot game in years if not ever and a lot more people are about to see why that's the case.

However, the July lineup isn't just a one-man show. The first game in The Dark Pictures Anthology, Man of Medan, is also available. But, if you've already upgraded to the PS Plus Extra or PS Plus Premium (Deluxe for the areas that do not have Premium), you can already get the game right now, which is a bit of a bummer. It seems that Sony still has not gotten over its tendency to overlap services. Nevertheless, it's a great game that tide you over until you can afford to buy The Quarry, which came out a few weeks ago.

Finally, the third freebie, Arcageddon, is an online multiplayer shooter that will come out on July 5.

Don't forget, you still have time to get your hands on 2018's God of War ahead of the long-rumored State of Play centered around its sequel on the 30th. The June lineup for PS Plus subscribers will be up until July 4.

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