Leaked footage shows new Horizon multiplayer game and its concept art

Over 12 minutes of early prototype footage from Guerilla Games' upcoming Horizon multiplayer spin-off has leaked online.

Guerilla Games confirmed in December that it is working on a multiplayer spin-off to its award-winning Horizon franchise. Now, footage of the in-development game has leaked online.

horizon multiplayer developement leak
The source claims this is the concept art for the multiplayer title

The footage that surfaced on the Horizon subreddit before being taken down showed animated characters exploring what appears to be a barren world and battling mechanical creatures. In addition, the same source posted what's supposedly the project's artwork. While it does look fairly similar to the alpha footage that began circulating online near the end of 2022, a person close to the project claims these data mines are authentic and from a new title.

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As mentioned earlier, Guerrilla Games' second expansion of the Horizon universe is an online co-op project "featuring a new cast of characters and a unique stylized look". These certainly do seem to fit the bill as the footage shows a dynamic open-world title with a competitive element fitting for multiplayer.

[Very Early in-dev] Horizon Forbidden West Leaked Alpha's Multiplayer from horizon

With Horizon: Call of the Mountain scheduled for release in February for the PlayStation VR2, it seems that the Dutch video game developer is turning its focus to the next project. The job openings posted on its official site also suggest the same, as the team is recruiting a lead world designer, senior machine combat designer, lead combat designer, and narrative designer. The developer's needs fit a project featuring multiple playable characters in an open-world setting, so this leak might be a sign of something major coming.

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But this isn’t the only project keeping Guerrilla Games busy, as it announced a DLC for Horizon Forbidden West called Burning Shores at the 2022 Game Awards. Horizon: Call of the Mountain is available for pre-ordering, which coincides with the release of the PlayStation VR2 headset. On top of this, Guerrilla Games announced that it was planning an MMORPG title, but at the cost of another studio handling the remake for Horizon Zero Dawn.

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