Leaked Elden Ring Gameplay Trailer Goes Viral

As if attaching the name of the famed Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin to a game developed by FromSoftware (Souls and Armored Core franchise) wasn't enough to drum up the kind of excitement that'll last for years, a gameplay trailer of the game had to be leaked.

The leaked Elden Ring gameplay trailer seems to suggest that all the industry insiders were right that we're set to hear more about the FromSoftware soon.

Elden Ring caused quite the stir at Microsoft's E3 2019 press conference and it's making rounds once again in its first-ever unofficial reveal.

Our First Look at Elden Ring

Jason Schreier, a Bloomberg reporter, recently took to Twitter to confirm that gamers can expect to hear more news about Elden Ring soon, and it seems he was right.

Well, unofficially, anyway.

A leaked Elden Ring gameplay trailer is currently making rounds all over the internet. Video game news site, VGC, was the first to confirm that they've seen the footage for themselves. However, they refrained from sharing the actual video to avoid potential legal issues. But, if it's any consolation, they did go on to detail exactly what they saw.

The leaked Elden Ring gameplay trailer kicks off with a narrator's voice. It then treated players to gameplay footage. They describe the combat as a "familiar Souls-style melee combat" that featured boss fights against a "large, sword-wielding foe" and a dragon.

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Combat reportedly isn't the only one that was put on display in the leaked trailer. It also showcased the open field environment of the game. This serves as a stark contrast from FromSoftware's other titles, which featured a more linear progression. Nevertheless, the trailer also shows how players can ride horses in the game, as well as combat details.

Given that this leaked trailer comes just soon after numerous trusted industry insiders have confirmed that an official trailer is coming soon, it is possible that we'll hear more about Elden Ring sooner than later.

Of course, this isn't confirmed yet, so try not to get your hopes too high up. After all, Microsoft has already confirmed that they will not showcase Elden Ring at the upcoming Xbox gaming event. But, then again, we're not discounting the possibility that the statement was just a ruse. It is also still possible that the trailer will be released online randomly.

Unfortunately, for all the details included in the leaked Elden Ring gameplay trailer, it did not come with a release date.

Elden Ring is a huge project that features collaborations between the big names. It involves FromSoftware, George R.R Martin, and Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Elden Ring will release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

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