Leaks point to a new 'Fixers' DLC heading to GTA Online

Despite rumors of delays, new leaks have seemingly spoiled GTA Online's next big DLC which will feature Dr. Dre.

Even though insiders have recently reported that Rockstar is reallocating resources from Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online to fast-track the post-launch support for the embattled Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition to the point of delaying other content, the DLC mills keep churning. Apparently GTA Online is going to get a Fixers DLC soon.

These new leaks, coming in part from the same sources reporting on delays caused by frantic patching of The Definitive Edition, connect the forthcoming update to Dr. Dre. There have been solid rumors about the artist, who previously appeared in The Cayo Perico Heist DLC of GTA Online, reprising his role as himself in the multiplayer title.

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A Tweet from renowned and consistently correct leaker TezFunz2 has what few details about this alleged DLC are known - alongside the involvement of Dr. Dre, it seems that the recent pattern of major updates adding a legitimate business players can own and use as front for illegal activities is making a return, and we're sticking to the music vein too.

Players are expected to team up with Dr. Dre to run a music production company while completing contract-style missions for various clients, that undoubtedly will veer off onto the shadier side of things. Right now as far as we know "Fixers" is just a codename, but could easily be the actual title of the update - though Rockstar usually goes for more flair, or even a pun or two in their DLC names.

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Dr. Dre has appeared in GTA Online - as himself - once already, and is set to reprise the role.

Reliable as the source this is coming from is, it's always a solid bet not to take any leaked info for granted - we'll know this is true once Rockstar Games announces it. Considering the way production cycles work, it is likely that Fixers wasn't yet affected by the reallocation for The Definitive Edition's crunch, and will release on-time with future updates being the ones suffering delays.

Either way, we can expect some official word sooner rather than later - it's the last week of November, and Rockstar Games always launches a big DLC to cap off the year in GTA Online on a high note. If anything, we're surprised this stuff didn't leak sooner.

Stay tuned for any news on upcoming GTA Online content.

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