League of Legends Patch 11.5: New Skins and Highlights

As patch 11.5 for League of Legends rolls out, everyone is excited about the release of new skins for Kogmaw, Yuumi, and Malzahar. Aside from the adorable Bee skinline, we will talk about the recent adjustments included in Patch 11.5.

Item Changes

Below are some of the item changes in League of Legends patch 11.5.

Guinsoo's Rageblade

Guinsoo's Rageblade is adjusted for Senna.

Senna has been seen frequently on the pro and ranked scene lately and one of the reasons for this is Guinsoo's Rageblade. Riot updated the wrath conversion to 2 bonus physical damage on-hit instead of a 1% crit chance. You can only have a 100% maximum crit chance and wrath can now be affected by damage modifiers.


Muramana is now heavily focused on Damaging abilities.

People seem to use both Muramana and Essence Reaver simultaneously. Riot now added Shock, which deals 1.5% of your maximum mana as bonus damage whenever you do a basic attack. All melee abilities will also have a bonus of 3.5% max mana as additional damage while ranged abilities will have 2.7% max mana and 6% total attack damage as additional damage.

A bug appeared where the Shock will be activated per ability. Riot now fixed this bug and only allowed Shock to be activated once per champion.


Stridebreaker's dash range and speed are now increased.

People are using Stridebreaker's dash more than its slash so Riot have attempted to balance it out.

  • Dash Range: 300 from 200
  • Dash Speed is slightly increased.
  • Slow Decay: Reduced to 40% over 2 seconds from 60%.
  • Damage is now reduced to 75% AD from 100% AD.

Serpent's Fang

Serpent's Fang is buffed, reducing incoming shields.

Serpent's Fang now reduces any incoming shields on melee champions by 50% and 25% on ranged champions whenever you damage them. Any enemy unaffected by Shield Reaver will reduce incoming shields by 50% for melee and 25% for ranged champions. Riot also fixed the bug that the effect would not activate when you have an on-hit item.

Maw of Malmoritus

Maw of Malmoritus is now more affordable.
  • The total cost of Maw of Malmoritus is updated from 3100 gold to 2800 gold.

Black Cleaver

Black Cleaver now has the Rage effect which grants movement speed for every stack of Carve.

Black Cleaver does not deal with the Butcher effect anymore which deals with bonus physical damage. Instead, it is replaced by the Rage effect, whenever you deal bonus physical damage, you get 5 movement speeds for every stack of Carve every 2 seconds.


Below are all of the nerfs, buffs, and adjustments for champions in this patch.


Jax in his God Staff Skin.

Gragas Nerf

  • Q mana cost is now updated to 80 mana cost at any level compared to 60 to 80 depending on the level.

Jax Buff

  • The damage growth of Jax is now increased to 4.25 from 3.38.

Trundle Buff

  • The cooldown of Q is now reduced to 3.5 seconds from 4 seconds.


The Splash art of Sweeper Rammus.

Rammus Nerf

  • The base health growth of Rammus is now decreased to 80 from 95.

Udyr Nerf

  • Udyr's Base health growth is now reduced to 92 from 99.
  • Udyr's Phoenix stance ultimate now deals 40 to 240 over 4 seconds instead of 50 to 275 over 4 seconds./li>

Master Yi Buff

  • The base damage of Master Yi's E is now increased to 20 to 60 from 18 to 50.

Sejuani Buff

  • The second-hit damage ratio of Sejuani dow deals 6% of Sejuani's max health instead of 5.25% of Sejuani's max health.


Qiyana in the trailer of True Damage's skinline.

Azir Nerf.

  • Azir's W damage is now decreased to 50-150 from 60-160.

Qiyana Buff

  • Qiyana's W's bonus damage is now increased to 8to 64 with an additional 45% AP from 8 to 40  with an additional 30% AP.
  • Qiyana's R damage is now increased to 100 to 300 from 100 to 240.


Seraphine is a pocket pick because of her AoE damage and CC.

Seraphine Nerf

The double support bot lane has been a famous pick on ranked games due to her AoE CC and AoE healing. Riot targeted her passive and R cooldown.

  • Seraphine's passive called subsequent note damage decay no longer decay in damage on minions.
  • The notes from your ally only deal 25% damage of Seraphine's Note to any target.
  • Damage of Seraphine's Note is adjusted to 4 to 24 from 4-16.
  • Seraphine's R is increased to 180-120 seconds from 160 to 120 seconds.

Samira Buff

  • Samira's damage growth now increased to 3 from 2.3.
  • The damage ratio of Samira's Q is now increased to 80-120% from 80 to 110%.

Kogmaw Buff

  • The bonus damage of Kogma's W is increased to 3-7% of the enemy's max health from 3-6% of the enemy's max health.

Twitch Adjust

  • The Damage Ratio for every stack of Twitch's passive is now decreased to 2.5% AP.
  • The bonus damage of Twitch's ultimate is now increased to 30-60 from 25-55.
  • The duration of Twitch's ultimate is now increased to 6 seconds instead of 5.


Karma in her Dawnbringer Skin.

Shaco Nerf

Shaco Support has been a pocket pick for players in rank and he has a high win rate before this patch. Riot nerfed his AoE damage and increased his jungle damage.

  • Base Damage of W decreased to 10-30 from 15-35.
  • Base Damage of W if it is a single target is decreased to 25-85 from 35-95.
  • W deals 10-50 bonus damage to monsters.

Rell Nerf

  • Armor is decreased to 32 from 35
  • Rell's W cooldown is increased to 13 from 11 seconds for both crash down and mount up.

Karma Buff

  • Karma's Q Cooldown is now decreased to 8 to 6 seconds from 9 to 7 seconds.

Pyke Adjust

  • Passive grey health storage is decreased to 10% of the damage taken but you will now gain 25% bonus lethality. When two or more enemies are near, your grey health storage is now increased to 35% damage taken and you will have extra 50% lethality.

New Bee Skins

Aside from champion and item adjustments, Riot also released a new batch of Bee Skins for Kogmaw, Malzahar, and Yuumi.


The new skinline for Kogmaw is called Bee'Maw.


Chromas for the Bee'Maw skin.


New skin for Yuumi called Yuubee.


Chromas for Yuubee.


New skin for Malzahar called Beezahar.


Chromas for the Beezahar skin.

Current Meta Changes

Seraphine in the K/DA music video.

Patch 11.5 focuses on balancing out the meta in favor of other jungle champions. Champions like Udyr and Rammus have been dominating the map and completely leaving champions like Sejuani and Master Yi behind. Riot also focused on solo laners like Azir and Qiyana, where Qiyana now deals more damage in the late game. The AoE damage of Seraphine is now decreased but it seems that the ultimate cooldown only affected Seraphine as support.

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