Latest Rumors Has Battlefield 6 Launching on Xbox Game Pass

If we told you last year that Microsoft would be working on having the next Call of Duty or Battlefield game launch on Xbox Game Pass, you'd call us out for making stuff up.

If the recent rumors are to be believed, it seems like Microsoft and EA are taking their relationship to the next level with Battlefield 6 launching on Xbox Game Pass.

Although such a huge title has yet to launch on Microsoft's video game subscription service, the latest set of rumors surrounding the next Battlefield game involve EA's AAA shooter title launching on Xbox Game Pass on day one, once it lands later this fall.

Is Battlefield 6 Launching on Xbox Game Pass?

Known video game leaker, Shpeshal Ed, was the first to tease the possibility of Battlefield 6 launching on Xbox Game Pass after jumping in on a recent TheXboxEra podcast episode. There, he talks about a third-party AAA first-person shooter title that's expected to launch on the Xbox Game Pass. His exact words were "very highly likely" and people were quick to pick up on this, saying that he's talking about Battlefield 6.

Of course, Battlefield 6 is not the only AAA title in development. However, it's the one that fits the bill the most. The second closest title is the next Call of Duty game, but Activision seems pretty chummy with Sony these days.

Activision's Call of Duty titles constantly receives content exclusive only on the PlayStation platform. Besides, Activision doesn't have as much of an incentive to launch the next Call of Duty game on Xbox Game Pass. Their current Call of Duty business model, which revolves around the free-to-play battle royale title, Call of Duty: Warzone, has been nothing but lucrative. Not to mention, the latest game, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, selling nearly 6 million units within its first month of launching alone.

On the other hand, EA and Microsoft have a proven and solid working relationship. The two recently partnered up to make EA Play available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

What's interesting here is that, just like other EA titles, Battlefield 6 will no doubt have a free trial available on EA Play. The paid subscription service is also available for PlayStation owners. So, launching it on Xbox Game Pass is a rather peculiar if complicated way of going about things.

What Do We Know About Battlefield 6 So Far?

Regardless of whether Spseshal's claims are true or not, one thing we're sure of is that all the proverbial hands are on deck over at EA for Battlefield 6. After all, the company sacrificed 2021's Need for Speed title in favor of working on the next Battlefield game. It seems like EA really wants to bring the Battlefield franchise back on top.

With that said, should Battlefield 6 launch in the Xbox Game Pass, it would represent yet another huge win for Microsoft. The Xbox Game Pass has seen an influx of big AAA games headed to the service, thanks to Microsoft's partnership with EA and the ZeniMax Media acquisition. In addition to this, Microsoft secured Outriders at launch on Xbox Game Pass, as well as a Sony first-party title, MLB The Show 21.

As things stand, subscribers are already getting their money's worth with their Xbox Game Pass subscription. However, adding Battlefield 6 will make the Xbox Game Pass the ultimate video game subscription service today.

Ray Ampoloquio
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