Latest PS5 update includes support for DualSense Edge controller

With less than two weeks until their newest high-end wireless controller hits the market, Sony has published a firmware update preparing the consoles for its arrival.

The most recent PS5 22.02-06.50.00 update includes the usual messages about enhanced system stability and performance improvements. However, the big kicker in these patch notes is "the DualSense Edge wireless controller is now supported" message.

edge controller sony
The DualSense Edge controller grants the most immersive experience

With less than two weeks until their scheduled release, Sony is rightfully shipping out firmware updates to prepare the consoles for the new hardware product.

In case you missed it, the DualSense Edge will be Sony’s response to the Xbox Elite Controller. With a price tag of $200, the new premium controller will combine its high-quality design while enabling a surprising amount of customization for a better gaming experience.

With replaceable stick caps and stick modules, players will have the option to completely remap their controls, alternating between different back buttons. The addition of haptic feedback and trigger stops, as well as tunable stick sensitivity, takes the customization of this controller to a new level.

The ability to create several different control profiles which you can switch through with relative ease and efficiency by using the function button is probably something most of the upcoming customers will be looking forward to. If you haven't heard of Haptic Feedback, it's the shaking in the controller when a player takes damage, among other things. Despite being a fairly simple concept, expanding on that technology should ensure the DualSense Edge controller grants an immersive experience by implementing the sense of touch in console gaming.

The only thing holding back most PlayStation 5 owners from embracing Sony’s new premier hardware is the price tag. It starts at $199.99, which is nearly three times more expensive compared to the basic DualSense. Sony itself has confirmed the DualSense Edge will have a shorter battery life than its predecessor, which has a history of deteriorating energy retention.

dualsense edge buttons
Nearly everything on this controller is replacable

This means that you can forget about marathon gaming sessions if you are opting for the DualSense Edge, despite your console already being up to date for it. If you’re looking for even more optimization flexibility in a controller you might want to hold out for Project Leonardo.

Speaking of PlayStation hardware, PlayStation VR 2 is coming out next month.

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