The latest Halo Infinite leak includes main menu, skulls, and more

It looks like the fan-favourite Skulls feature will return for Halo Infinite.

After 343 Industries opened Halo Infinite up to the public with the game's "Technical Preview", it was only a matter of time before dataminers got to work. It hasn't even been a month since and we've had multiple leaks related to Halo Infinite. The most recent include screenshots of what appears to be the main menu screen for Halo Infinite, the Skulls menu, and more.

The latest set of Halo Infinite leaks are making hardcore fans even more excited.

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What does the latest Halo Infinite leak include?

You might want to turn off the internet for the next few months if you want to avoid Halo Infinite leaks.

According to the screenshot of the Skulls menu for Halo Infinite, the game will feature 13 Skulls. The screenshot doesn't specifically state what kind of effects these Skulls will have and what their names are. However, Master Chief Collection has 38 Skulls. 13 isn't even half of that number.

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Of course, because this is only datamined information from currently accessible data, Microsoft and 343 Industries might decide to add more later.

A good sign that this is still unfinished is the Skulls leaked menu screen. As we've already mentioned, the Skulls have no name yet. It's just a list of checkboxes next to the Skulls symbols. Because 343 Industries still has a couple of months to work on Halo Infinite, we can assume that it'll spend this time trying to flesh out everything that's been leaked about the game so far.

With that said, the news of the return of Skulls in Halo Infinite is more than enough to get fans excited for its launch.

If Phil Spencer holds to his earlier promise, Halo Infinite will be here just in time for the holidays later this year, which should put it in a good position to rack up both its sales and player count.

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