Latest Dying Light 2 Update Confirms 2021 Release Date

Dying Light gave many gamers the zombie-filled open-world survival-action horror game that they never knew they wanted in 2015. The subsequent updates, added content, and events, only cemented the game as one of the best if underrated titles of its generation. However, just as surprisingly fun as Dying Light was, its sequel has been, so far, quite a bit of a disappointment.

Considering that they've provided updates to Dying Light for six years already, maybe fans already knew better than to doubt Techland.

Dying Light 2 was first announced in 2018 by Chris Avellone with an early 2020 release window. Unfortunately, since then, the game has seen its release date postponed indefinitely with Techland cutting ties with Avellone.

As of last week though, Dying Light 2 has broken their silence. More importantly, they went on to assure fans that the game is in development. They also promised that they'd keep fans in the loop with an update on March 17.

True to their word, Techland did provide an update on time. However, none of the issues that reportedly plagued the game were mentioned. Instead, all we got is good news. This includes a release date window for Dying Light 2.

Techland Confirms 2021 Release Date for Dying Light 2

Lead designer Tymon Smektala kicked off the small video update by thanking fans for their continued "trust and support". Afterward, the developers took turns reading aggressive fan tweets that prompted them to request more patience.

"All of us here are putting our hearts into delivering a game that you will keep playing for months," says Techland in the video above, before adding that they will start talking about Dying Light 2 "very, very soon."

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Now, while the related gameplay content on the update is disappointing, to say the least, it does show that Techland is willing to do what other developers cannot or don't often do. It doesn't shed light on the rumored development woes either. It would've been the perfect platform to clarify all the accusations lobbied towards the developers and the management over the past year.

If it's any consolation though, the studio did pull through with their initial promise. The best part is that they sneaked in the release date right at the end.

After showing fans a couple of seconds of gameplay footage, Techland ended the video by showing that a 2021 release window is still their priority. They also encouraged everyone to join in on their official Discord server. There, fans can ask questions directly to the game's development team.

Plus, if you're really itching for a zombie fix, Techland has continued to support and update Dying Light since its release. As a matter of fact, they're gearing up to celebrate the game's upcoming 6th anniversary with an event.

Dying Light 2 is developed and self-published by Techland. It will serve as a sequel to Dying Light and will release for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X, as well as Microsoft Windows PCs.

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