The latest Dexter: New Blood trailer is getting fans more excited for the series' revival

Debra is back as a figment of Dexter's imagination in the revival season of Showtime's hit crime-drama series, Dexter: New Blood.

Showtime's crime drama TV series, Dexter, originally ran from 2006 to 2013. The eight-season run culminated in a series finale that drew the largest audience in Showtime's history. However, while Dexter was very much a draw until its final moments, most audiences did not like how the award-winning series ended. Several years later and Dexter is back in Dexter: New Blood. The revival season is reportedly set to bring a proper end to the journey of the popular serial killer.

Dexter: New Blood sees the titular character struggle to hold his murderous tendencies while trying to make amends with his son.

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The latest Dexter sneak peek sets the tone for the final season

So far, Episode 1 of New Blood is drawing praise from critics and the series' long-time fans.

The ninth season of Dexter officially kicked off last November 7 and saw Michael C. Hall's Dexter return after he meets a murder suspect. Audiences also got a chance to see Dexter's new voice of conscience, his sister, Jennifer Carpenter's Debra. What is easily the biggest surprise of Episode 1 though is the arrival of Jack Alcott's Harrison. Dexter's son has gone to Iron Lake to look for his father, who's been gone for quite a while.

Judging from the latest Dexter sneak peek, it appears that the series' ninth season will focus on the serial killer's relationship with his son. Unfortunately, trying to make up for lost time with your son when you're a murderous psychopath with an urge to kill isn't easy. To make things even worse, Dexter just killed Steve M. Robertson's character, Matt Caldwell, who is the son of the unofficial mayor of Iron Lakes, Clancy Brown's Kurt Caldwell.

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Seeing as the entire police force is on the hunt for Matt's killer, Dexter will have his hands full trying to juggle between running away from law enforcement and spending time with Harrison.

On top of all of this, we find out that Iron Lake is home to another serial killer. The sneak peek glances over multiple missing girl posters that reportedly are victims of the rifle-wielding man wearing a white camouflage suit.

In addition to Michael C. Hall, New Blood also sees the return of several original cast members as well as the series' original showrunner, Clyde Phillips. Other returning cast members include Alano Miller, Johnny Sequoyah, Jamie Chung, Julia Jones, Michael Cyril Creighton, and Oscar Wahlberg.

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