Latest Battlefield 6 Leaks Tease Multiplayer Map and First Trailer

We all know that Battlefield 6 is coming. Just exactly when and what its actual title is, as well as when it will be set, are all presently a mystery though.

Leaker Tom Henderson recently talked about the upcoming Battlefield 6 trailer taking place on a deserted island with a new multiplayer map featuring destructible environments.

Right now, there are very few confirmed details about the upcoming AAA shooter title from Electronic Arts. However, there's been a steady stream of credible rumors in recent months, with the latest leaks suggesting what the trailer and map of Battlefield 6 could look like.

What are the Latest Battlefield 6 Leaks Saying?

Tom Henderson is one of the most reputable leakers in the industry. He recently took to Twitter to post a sketch. He claims that the image he posted is that of a multiplayer map for Battlefield 6. Although it's not an in-game screenshot, the image is detailed enough to support earlier rumors that Battlefield 6 could up the player count and add natural disasters into the mix.

The leaker clarifies that the storm rolling in is not some way to explain the death zone - a common mechanic in battle royale titles. Rather, it's an actual storm that will actually destroy portions of the map as the battle rages on. However, just how exactly this will work in-game remains uncertain.

At the very least, it'll be interesting to see how Electronic Arts finds a way to balance the game.

Speaking of maps, fans are expecting Battlefield 6 to be set in the deserts of Kazakhstan. The prevailing rumor comes from the GPS coordinates found by eagle-eyed fans when EA first showcased the next Battlefield game via a tech demo. Additionally, the same coordinates point to an area in Kazakhstan also appear on a medal worn by a Battlefield 5 character.

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However, while the game could primarily take place in Kazakhstan, Henderson is doubtful if the first trailer for Battlefield 6 will feature the place. In a conversion posted by a Reddit user, Henderson confirmed that the trailer "takes place on a deserted island". But, he is not sure that if it is Kazakhstan or not.

There are also questions surrounding why exactly EA will use only one location to show off Battlefield 6. After all, it's no secret that DICE and EA have worked on the next Battlefield game for a while now. Even though they previously did only use one map to reveal a previous title in Battlefield 5, that was mostly because the game wasn't finished yet.

With that said, it makes far more season for EA and DICE to show off more than just a deserted island in the first trailer for Battlefield 6. Then again, given Henderson's track record, he could definitely still be right.

Hopefully, EA and Dice decide to put all of these rumors and speculations to rest with the first official reveal for Battlefield 6.

The next Battlefield game is rumored to be part of the EA Play Live 2021 lineup.

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