Korean Night City Wire Confirms Fast Travel, Cyberpunk 2077 Map

A special Night City Wire episode created for the South Korean market has revealed how the fast travel system will work in Cyberpunk 2077. Players of CD Projekt Red's previous title, The Witcher 3, will be familiar with the mechanic. It also gives us further confirmation of what the in-game map will look like in the final game.

The exclusive screenshot was first revealed in episode 1 of the Korean Night City Wire, watchable with subtitles on YouTube. It shows off Kabuki at night, with a "Tourist Information" hologram terminal prominently featured in the foreground.

The hosts of the episode confirm that this kiosk is used by V to travel quickly between various areas in Night City and the Badlands. This means that you can only travel from kiosk to kiosk, instead of whipping up the world map wherever you are, clicking on any point of interest and teleporting there instantly.

A similar mechanic was used in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, where Geralt could fast travel between signposts and cairns (in Skellige) instead of instantly traveling anywhere on the map from anywhere on the map. The latter format has appeared in a few AAA games lately, but it is clear that the developers, while giving players a chance to traverse the game world quickly, are keen on your actually traipsing through and exploring the virtual world they spent so much time building.

The holographic display on the kiosk shows a top-down map of Night City and is, presumably, a match of the actual in-game map instead of an abstraction, making the hologram itself a confirmation of what the final map looks like sans the Badlands.

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It is unclear how fast travel will work in the Badlands - tourist information holograms would be awfully out of place - but since CDPR has implemented visually distinct fast travel points in their previous games it is logical to assume the same will happen here. Maybe ruined and abandoned bus stops, or trashed and flickering map holograms will act as fast travel points out in the wasteland.

The second episode of the Korean Night City Wire will premier on the 11th of August - stay tuned for new reveals!

Aron Gerencser
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