Konami is working on a new Contra game

Contra: Operation Galuga, developed by WayForward, is a modern reimagining of the '80s classic that's set to release in 2024.

The re-imagining of the OG Contra lets up to four players work together to complete the game.

Contra, the classic run-and-gun action game from the '80s, is poised for a stunning return to the limelight.

Contra: Operation Galuga is a modern take on the original game and will be released on various platforms in early 2024.

Konami's decision to reboot the iconic game is a nostalgic nod to its original release in arcades in 1987, which was later ported to the NES in 1988. Known as Probotector and Gryzor in Europe, the original Contra built a solid reputation for making gamers waste their hard-earned coins (or tokens) in arcades. Contra's punishing difficulty became so iconic that it popularized one of the most popular cheats in gaming history, the Konami Code, which, for the game, bestowed players with 30 lives - a necessary evil for many just to clear through the game.

The new title promises to carry forward the legacy of the classic. A press release for the game teased: "Run, jump, and shoot your way through eight levels using a devastating arsenal – including the spread shot, laser, and homing missiles – now with stackable upgrades and awesome Overload abilities."

WayForward, the renowned developer responsible for the Shantae series and other critically acclaimed titles, is tasked with breathing life into this beloved franchise. With its strong track record, including the creation of Contra 4 in 2007 that garnered a Metacritic score of 83, expectations are high.

Contra: Operation Galuga isn't just a carbon copy of its predecessor. This ambitious project is set to reintroduce "iconic weapons and environments" from the original while infusing the game with contemporary features. In it, players can anticipate new stages, revamped enemies and bosses, fresh play mechanics, and a modernized power-up system. More importantly, it'll sport contemporary graphics and sound to enhance the gaming experience. For those who found the original daunting, Konami offers solace. The reboot will include three scalable difficulty settings, ensuring accessibility for newcomers and providing challenge options for seasoned veterans.

In a world full of punishingly difficult titles, it's refreshing to see an age-old classic return to the foray.

While the gameplay looks to be fast and frantic, some have expressed concerns about the game's graphics not aligning with WayForward's traditional visual flair. However, considering the release date is still a year away, final touches may very well be in the pipeline.

Multiplayer has always been at the heart of the Contra experience. This iteration is no different. Story Mode will offer two-player cooperative play, while Arcade Mode ramps up the excitement by accommodating up to four players. This collaborative gameplay ensures that both old fans and new players can experience the adrenaline rush Contra is famous for, together.

Although Contra: Operation Galuga will initially be available digitally on platforms like the Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC, a subsequent physical release for consoles is also in the works.

Contra: Operation Galuga will be out some time next year.

The decision to reboot Contra is in line with Konami's renewed interest in revisiting their iconic franchises. Their recent revival of Silent Hill and Metal Gear has spurred speculation about the possible reintroduction of other classics, such as Castlevania. But, it's possible that Konami is wary of revisiting such an iconic franchise, whose hardcore fans are as rabid in its criticism as it is fervent in its support. Should Konami decide to brave the waters, especially with Castlevania: Nocturne set to grace Netflix soon, here's to hoping that it will retain the core essence of the franchise and not veery too far from its roots.

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  1. I think retro gaming is making a comeback. It is cheaper and easier to make these games and they appeal to way more people.

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