Konami unveils Silent Hill: Townfall to the world

Silent Hill: Townfall is part of the unlikely collaboration between Konami with Annapurna Interactive and No Code Studios.

It looks like Annapurna Interactive has found its next big hit.

Konami Unveils Silent Hill Townfall
The development on Silent Hill: Townfall will be led by BAFTA award-winning studio, No Code Studios.

After working closely with BlueTwelve Studio for this year's Stray, the video game division of Annapurna Pictures has tapped No Code Studios for a partnership with Konami and a new entry in the Silent Hill series.

The game from the unlikely trio of developers and publishers was revealed at the October 19 Silent Hill Transmission in a brief teaser trailer that successfully drew the intrigue while also simultaneously keeping much of the game a secret. No Code creative director, John McKellan, explained that Townfall will respect the Silent Hill series but it's also "something a little bit different."

The short clip consists of a sequence of grotesque images and videos displayed on a portable CRT TV, after which a man coldly demands to find out why the listener is there. The end of the trailer shows a glimpse of a man wearing glasses before the title of the game is revealed. However, McKellan did encourage audiences to watch the trailer again. It appears that No Code hid plenty of easter eggs in the video.

Konami is starting to open itself up to partnerships with outside studios. Townfall is another Silent Hill game that's being made by a third-party team. The other one is the Silent Hill 2 remake by Bloober Team. According to Silent Hill producer, Motoi Okamoto, the company wants to "expand partnerships with equally talented teams."

Konami Unveils Silent Hill Townfall
Silent Hill: Townfall looks like it's going to be a unique take on the Silent Hill franchise.

We're pretty sure there's still bad blood, but we're hoping this means Konami will work with Kojima Productions in the future.

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