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Konami taps Resident Evil developer for Silent Hill F

Silent Hill F will be developed by NeoBards Entertainment with writing by Ryukishi07 as well as creature and character design by Kera.

Silent Hill F
Judging by the trailer, Silent Hill F is not for the squeamish.

Konami's first event for Silent Hill (or any kind of game for that matter) was a gift that kept on giving. Case in point, Silent Hill F.

The uniquely titled Silent Hill installment will feature writing by the popular Japanese visual novel writer, Rukishi07, who built a following for his work the Higurashi and Umineko series.

Unlike previous Silent Hill outings that featured modern-day settings, F will be set in the 60s and in Japan. It's worth noting that the Silent Hill franchise has been traditionally set, well, in Silent Hill, West Virginia. The location itself is inspired by Centralia, Pennsylvania, which the locals abandoned in 1962 due to toxic fumes resulting from a fire that continues to burn beneath the town's coal mines to this very day.

Konami Silent Hill F
Silent Hill F could end up being one of the most unique horror games to be released in recent years.

Ryukishi07 is an amazing, if not perfect, choice to write an experimental game. His experience in writing psychological and supernatural horror will come in handy as the series treads new ground. The spinoff will likely expand on the existing lore of Silent Hill and help explain the setting change.

Unfortunately, fans worry about the state of the game with Neobard as the lead studio. The China-based studio most recently worked on the oft-delayed survival horror title, Resident Evil Re: Verse. But, with the involvement of Motoi Okamoto, a veteran in the game industry whose tenure in Nintendo resulted in games like Pikmin and Luigi's Mansion, F should be nothing short of an intriguing entry in the franchise's long-awaited revival.

F doesn't have a release window at the moment, so we'll just have to wait for Konami to announce further developments.

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