Konami is Selling Silent Hill Skateboards Amidst Revival Rumors

Konami is one of the most famous video game companies in the world. It sits on a treasure trove of original IPs like Silent Hill and Castlevania, among others.

At this point, Konami is probably just messing with its fans.

In recent months, Konami has been putting more of an effort to get back into making video games again. Even though Konami did not attend E3 2021, the studio confirmed that it is working on multiple projects.

One project that's confirmed is GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon. Another game, Castlevania Advance Collection, was leaked by the Australian Rating Board ahead of its expected confirmation and announcement.

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However, one franchise that fans are speculating that Konami is working hard to revive is Silent Hill, especially after Konami teased that it's going to release new merchandise for the survival horror franchise.

Now that Konami has confirmed what the merchandise is, fans are understandably feeling deflated.

Is Konami Making a New Silent Hill Game?

BLUE Box Game Studios' PS5-exclusive title, Abandoned, is rumored to be a Silent Hill game, which would make sense after leaks of a new Silent Hill game being in the works emerged earlier this year.

Many fans believed that Konami was going to confirm that this was going to be the case soon after it teased that new Silent Hill merchandise was coming soon.

Fast forward to a couple of days later and Konami has revealed the said merchandise on the Official Konami Shop. To say that this wasn't what many fans expected is only fitting.

Instead of confirming that Abandoned is the new Silent Hill game just hiding in plain sight, Konami actually went ahead and released new merchandise for Silent Hill, which is just a Limited Series skateboard.

Despite the confirmation, some fans still believe that Konami is up to something.

It's worth noting that BLUE Box Game Studios recently announced that it is pushing back the trailers app for the PS5-exclusive title due to "localization issues". Instead of releasing on June 20, the app will release on June 25. The studio explains that the app will come with an introduction that will get players "introduced with its purpose and how to use the app."

For now, the waiting game continues. BLUE Box Game Studios has denied numerous times that Abandoned and the studio is not connected to Silent Hill in any way. Even if this is true, it doesn't mean that the game couldn't have been inspired by Silent Hill. Besides, even if Abandoned is not Silent Hill, it's not necessarily a bad thing.

The survival horror game looks great in the limited opportunities we've had to see it in action, so even if it doesn't turn out to be Silent Hill, it does look like it was made to cater to fans of the classic horror title.

BLUE Box Game Studios can't seem to decide if its app will launch on June 20, June 22, or June 25.

At this point, it doesn't matter if Abandoned ends up being Silent Hill or not. It's generated a lot of discussions online already and fans will be buying it if only to find out if it is Silent Hill or not. Even if it might leave fans disappointed that it's not a part of one of Konami's most popular franchises, BLUE Box Game Studios stands to benefit from all the exposure that its open-world survival horror game is getting before it releases sometime this 2021.

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