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Konami could reveal Silent Hill 2 release date at Tokyo Game Show

Despite being "technically ready" earlier thiss year, the release date for the remake of Silent Hill 2 for the PS5 remains unknown.

It's been so long since we last heard about Silent Hill 2 that it risks falling out of the radar completely.

Ever since its initial announcement last year, there has been a deafening echo of anticipation among gamers as Konami showed interest in one of its most iconic franchises, Silent Hill. The crown jewel of this revival is Bloober Team's remake of Silent Hill 2 for the PlayStation 5.

Unfortunately, the release date of the said remake remains absent, much to the disappoint of fans. But, if we believe the recent rumors, Konami could be at the Tokyo Game Show to, among other things, let us know more about the upcoming survival horror title.

As spotted by eagle-eyed fans, Konami has added a banner showcasing the Tokyo Game Show on Silent Hill 2's page. In addition to this, the Tokyo Game Show-related sale on Steam lists Silent Hill 2 under the "Coming Soon" category. But, it's worth noting that Konami doesn't list Silent Hill 2 (or any other Silent Hill game, for that matter) on its official Tokyo Game Show 2023 website. 

Clown makeup on, SH2 on Steam has TGS banner (Probably because it's a Konami game) still interesting nonetheless
byu/Werewald insilenthill

While Konami has confirmed its participation at the upcoming event, the developers, Bloober Team, has yet to confirm their attendance. The latter's absence of their names on the website casts doubt on this rumor. But, the Steam banner is hard to dismiss. 

Yet, for every enthusiast celebrating the reimagining of this 2001 survival horror classic, there's a skeptic casting doubts over Bloober Team's capability to give the title a fitting rebirth. While Bloober Team's previous works are undeniably influenced by the Silent Hill series, there's still debate on whether they can do justice to this remake.

Adding to the intrigue, earlier this year, Bloober Team tantalized fans with the revelation that the game's development was nearing completion. However, there's been a prolonged silence since then. 

The hype surrounding Silent Hill's revival could be elapsed by a similar resurgence going on with Metal Gear.

In an ideal world, Bloober Team is polishing Silent Hill 2 after what it saw from Capcom's Resident Evil 4 Remake earlier this year. The re-release of one of the most ported titles in gaming history drew much praise and acclaim, possibly even earning itself a couple of nominations at The Game Awards in December. It's easily one of the best remakes in recent years, which is saying a lot given how remake-happy the video game industry has become lately.

If Resident Evil 4 scared Bloober Team into delaying Silent Hill 2 to next year, that wouldn't be the worst idea if it means we get a much better game. 

Recent history suggests that gamers have become more patient about video game delays, especially if the game comes out good. Of course, it's a different story for a game to be delayed and still be bad at launch, which has actually quite happened more often than not. 

With Dead Space, Resident Evil 4, and Alan Wake 2 all coming out this year, delaying Silent Hill 2 makes sense.

With Alan Wake 2 as the "only" big AAA horror title set to come out later this year - Separate Ways doesn't count since it's a DLC for Resident Evil 4, but you should still check it out - Resident Evil 4 can capitalize on this opportunity. But, again, that's only if Silent Hill 2 is ready. If not, it's better off pushing Silent Hill 2's release date to until it's completely finished.

Either way, Tokyo Game Show 2023, which commences on September 21 and concludes on September 24, promises a roster of significant players in the gaming industry, with big names like Capcom and Square Enix in attendance.

Whether Silent Hill 2 will be a part of this grand event remains unclear. But one thing's for sure, if Konami and Bloober Team do decide to present their masterpiece, it would undoubtedly be a highlight of the show.

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