Konami could reveal a new Silent Hill game in two weeks

The leaked trailer reportedly comes from a recent Konami shareholder meeting.

Konami technically isn't working on a new Silent Hill game. However, this has never stopped people from speculating. Even after Bloober Team confirmed that it's working on a different game, some still believe that Konami is hiding something. Now, Konami might have little choice but to confirm its upcoming plans.

Konami Reveal New Silent Hill Game Two Weeks
We're sincerely hoping that Konami's decision to revive Silent Hill isn't just to make money out of an established IP.

According to a trailer that went rounds on the internet over the weekend, a "global reveal" of a new Silent Hill game is coming on the 12th, two Tuesdays from now.

As with anything related to what Konami, details about the leaked reveal trailer for the upcoming Silent Hill game are a bit sketchy. If you believe what people on the internet are saying, Konami showed the trailer to its shareholders in a recent meeting. However, there is nothing that suggests that the trailer is legitimate, but since we're only a little over a week away from the promised date, we might as well wait.

Curiously enough, you can no longer find the "original" source of the leaked trailer. Even if we can't say for sure if Konami asked the user to take down the video, there is precedence for it

Konami Reveal New Silent Hill Game Two Weeks
A new Silent Hill game even in Unreal Engine 4 would look horrifyingly good.

For what it's worth, the leak does come just weeks after we found out from the director of the original Silent Hill live-action adaptation that Konami has "big plans" for the survival horror franchise. Not to mention, Konami confirmed it was working on multiple games, which is why it skipped E3 2021.

Speaking of video game reveals, Ubisoft is reportedly set to re-introduce Skull & Bones this July ahead of the company's Gamescom 2022 appearance.

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