Konami is still working on more "unannounced" Silent Hill games

A leaker claims that Konami is sitting on at least three more Silent Hill projects that it's hiding from us.

Konami might not have been totally honest about all the Silent Hill games it has cooking in the lab. According to a prominent leaker, the Silent Hill franchise's revival is far bigger with more games than initially expected.

konami more unannounced silent hill games
Silent HIll's fervent fanbase are probably celebrating after hearing all of this.

Dusk Golem reveals that Konami has at least three more Silent Hill projects that are still in development (well, four, if you count Silent Hill: The Short Message, which apparently is a different game) and, just like that, Silent Hill fans can barely sleep a wink.

Dusk Golem doesn't need an introduction if you're a survival horror fan. The foremost source of horror game info has leaked some of the biggest horror games in recent memory and he believes that Capcom is working on a Parasite Eve reboot on top of the Resident Evil 4 remake. But, before we go off-track, this recent bit of revelation is interesting, to say the least.

Konami's Silent Hill Transmission showcase from earlier this year revealed a handful of new Silent Hill games by third-party studios like Silent Hill Ascension, Silent Hill Townfall, Silent Hill F, and a Silent Hill 2 remake as well as Return to Silent Hill, which is a movie directed by Christopher Gans. If we believe the rumors, then at least four more are coming and one of them will be developed and published by Konami, presumably with a few former members of Team Silent involved.

konami more unannounced silent hill games
The best part about the revival of Silent Hill is the variety of projects we're all about to get.

The Silent Hill franchise is the best example of a cult classic. The series hasn't even sold 10 million copies since the first game came out in the late 90s. But, what Silent Hill lacks in the sales department, it makes up for in influence. The seminal survival horror franchise stood in stark contrast to Capcom's Resident Evil and other horror games of the time. You could say that it's a psychological horror movie in video game form, using a combination of sound, atmosphere, and lore, to create one of the more unique gameplay experiences in history.

Very few games match Silent Hill in its presentation and aesthetics, especially the first two games. Silent Hill 2, in particular, is widely considered by many gamers as one of the best horror titles ever made.

So, while non-fans might have a hard time understanding the hype behind Silent Hill, those within the community will be happy to know that Konami values it enough to give it such a strong push for a revival.

Fingers crossed, the upcoming Silent Hill games will be more like the earlier entries in the franchise.

konami more unannounced silent hill games
We're still hoping that a remake of the original Silent Hill game is part of Konami's plans.

Speaking of survival horror games, two big remakes are coming early next year with Dead Space and Resident Evil 4 coming out on January 27 and March 24, respectively.

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