Konami just "confirmed" the rumors of a new Silent Hill game

Whether it's a remake, remaster, or a new installment, Konami's recent DMCA takedown notice just proved that something is amiss.

You remember those images from what was supposed to be a new Silent Hill game that went rounds online last week? Well, apparently, they're real.

Konami Confirmed Rumors New Silent Hill Game
The only reason for Konami to take down Silent Hill leaks is if they're true. Otherwise, the company couldn't care any less.

No one's made any confirmation yet, but Konami filing a copyright claim suggests that it's true. Reputable horror game laker, Dusk Golem, confirmed that the Japanese video game publisher moved to have the leaked images removed from Twitter.

Dusk Golem states that the circulating images of the rumored Silent Hill game all date back to 2020 and are all from the game that Bloober Team is working on.

Just to refresh your memory, Bloober Team is a development studio that's worked on some of the best horror games in recent memory such as Layers of Fear and The Medium. More importantly, Bloober Team and Konami teamed up last year for an unknown project. Not to mention, it was also around this time that Konami announced that it was skipping E3 2021 because it had multiple projects in development.

Regardless of whether these rumors are baseless or not, we understand why people will jump at every bit of Silent Hill news.

The first two Silent Hill games are iconic, seminal, and influential. The lasting impact of Konami's initial Silent Hill outings is felt, even to this day. It doesn't matter if it's the multiple endings of the second game, one of which includes a dog running the entire show, or the fog that started with the first game that became a franchise staple but was actually a way to get around hardware limitations at the time.

Konami Confirmed Rumors New Silent Hill Game
We wouldn't be surprised if a new Silent Hill movie is also in the works.

The thing is, when you talk about Silent Hill, people will listen.

Now that Konami just practically announced that it's working on something related to Silent Hill, we can expect more rumors, leaks, and speculation, to come in the next few months.

Only time will tell if and when Konami is actually working on a new Silent Hill game. At this point, we don't care who's taking the lead on the future of Silent Hill. All we're hoping for is that the state of the iconic horror series isn't as shrouded in fog as the town itself.

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