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Kojima said no to "ridiculously high" offers so it can stay independent

After working for Konami for several decades, it looks like Hideo Kojima prefers to stay as an indie studio in the meantime if not forever.

Kojima Said No Offers Stay Independent
Kojima's statement should probably put all of those acquisition rumors to rest.

It looks like Hideo Kojima isn't open to selling Kojima Productions.

The video game auteur confirmed that he's rejected "ridiculously high" offers for Kojima Productions, in order to stay independent.

Here's what Kojima said in a recent episode of his Brain Structure podcast:

Let me reiterate that we are indies, we have no affiliations whatsoever and we are not backed by anyone. And every day I am approached by offers all over the world to buy our studio. Some of these offers are ridiculously high prices but it's not that I want money. I want to make what I want to make. That's why I created this studio. So as long as I'm alive, I don't think I will ever accept those offers.

Kojima Said No Offers Stay Independent
It's widely believed that the long development time of Metal Gear Solid IV was what initially started the deteriorating relationship between Kojima and Konami.

We wouldn't be surprised if Kojima's nasty divorce from Konami is what influenced his new approach. Keep in mind that Kojima spent decades working for Konami. But, at the tail end, the relationship between Konami and Kojima had soured. It's unfortunate that it cost us a complete version of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and, quite possibly, Silent Hills, but it is what it is.

At the end of the day, we're thankful that Kojima decided to go the independent route. As one of the few remaining "rockstars" in the gaming industry, Kojima has a devout following of gamers who treat him like a celebrate if not a deity.

We don't think any company would've given Death Stranding the green light. We're lucky Kojima is calling the shots and Sony was happy to publish the game for him. The result is an excellent and unique game with a Director's Cut that improved upon the experience. Death Stranding is also set to get a sequel. Finally, with the success of Death Stranding, Kojima has landed partnerships with Xbox that may or may not be the Overdose game that's leaking online.

As for Konami, the Japanese video game publisher is back to making video games again. It's working on Silent Hill F, Silent Hill: Ascension, Silent Hill: Townfall, and a remake of Silent Hill 2, as well as a Metal Gear Solid 3 remake by Virtuous.

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