Kojima releases third cryptic teaser for an unnamed project

Legendary game designer, Hideo Kojima, shared a cryptic image on his Twitter page to tease an upcoming project.

Hideo Kojima
Hideo Kojima has a reputation for playing coy and teasing fans.

Popular video game designer Hideo Kojima has released a third cryptic teaser for Kojima Production’s yet-unnamed game on his official Twitter page. The teaser, which is titled "HOW" was released on October 31, and it comes after two other teasers of a similar nature titled "WHO" and "WHERE".

Kojima shared the teaser as an image. He captioned the post, "From 'WHERE' to 'HOW'". The post is difficult to describe as it bears no similarity with any prior title from the designer. However, many fans believe it is connected to the teasers that the designer cum producer has been releasing recently.

Kojima’s first teaser was an image of a blonde woman with a darkened face and a text that asked, "WHO AM I." Attached to this image is the caption, ‘The answer to "WHO” at TGS will be in the next "WHERE".’ Following the teaser’s release, many fans speculated that the blonde woman is actress Elle Fanning. The speculation was eventually confirmed right when Kojima released a poster featuring Fanning to confirm her participation in one of his forthcoming games.

Kojima’s second teaser featured a new actress with dark hair. The post had the text, "WHERE AM I?" written on it as well as the caption, "Who is "WHERE”?" Unlike the first post, fans had a hard time speculating who the teaser featured. However, despite the fact that Kojima hasn’t revealed the actress’s identity, many fans are convinced it is Margaret Qualley. Qualley previously worked with Kojima on his game Death Stranding where she played the character Mama. Also, there have been unconfirmed rumors that Qualley will feature in Kojima’s upcoming horror game titled Overdose.

A prolific video game designer, Kojima has a reputation for teasing his fans when he is working on a new game. As a result, his recent cryptic posts have left many convinced that he has a new game on the way. For example, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was announced by a fake studio with The Phantom Pain as the sole title. Also, the identity of the game’s protagonist, Snake, was kept under wraps until the game’s official reveal. Before the game’s reveal, there were very few hints that it was part of the Metal Gear Solid series.

Hideo Kojima
Many fans have speculated that the teasers are for Death Stranding 2.

Another popular example of Kojima teasing his fans is the psychological horror game P.T. from the Silent Hill series. Like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, P.T. was also announced by a fake studio with very few people linking it to Kojima. Fans only made the connection to Kojima after they completed the game’s short demo.

While nobody can say for certain what Kojima is working on, many fans have speculated the teasers are for the sequel to the 2019 action game Death Stranding, which is rumored to be a PlayStation exclusive. However, unless Kojima or his company, Kojima Productions, releases an official statement announcing this, it will remain speculation. Fortunately, The Game Awards will occur in December. If the producer is truly working on a project, we expect he will announce it at that event.

By the way, Kojima Productions is currently working on other games. These include the Xbox-exclusive game that was announced in June and the Kojima Productions VR game that was unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show in September. If Kojima’s cryptic images are not teasing Death Stranding, then they can be teasing any of these projects.

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