Kojima Productions Composer Leaves After a Decade

After a decade of service with the company, Kojima Productions' composer has confirmed that he's going freelance.

Ludvig Forssell's resume includes working on the music for Metal Gear Solid V and Death Stranding.

The said composer, Ludvig Forssell, announced his decision to leave Kojima Productions via Twitter. This disappointing piece of news followed an earlier tweet many speculated meant that a new Kojima Productions game was going to be announced soon.

Famed Composer Leaves Kojima Productions

Despite having only "worked" with Kojima for 10 years with Kojima Productions, Forssell has had a hand on multiple AAA projects. He's served as the composed on both Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. He was also the composer for Konami's canceled horror video game, P.T.

Most recently, Forssell worked as Kojima Productions' in-house lead composer and audio director for Death Stranding. He is also believed to have contributed music for the studios' next unannounced title. However, it remains unknown just how involved he was with the said project.

Throughout Forssell's career, his score and works have won numerous awards and nominations. This includes his work on Death Stranding. In particular, his score for Death Stranding received two nominations at the 2020 BAFTAs.

In addition to his work with Kojima Productions, the Swedish composer also contributed music to other media as well. This includes Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Netflix's Ultraman series, and the 2016 British black comedy-action film, Free Fire.

With such a resume, it makes sense for Forssell to try and outsource his talents to other developers.

This also isn't necessarily bad news for those who loved his work with Kojima Productions. As a matter of fact, it only serves to leave the door open for Kojima to hire him to work on future titles. At the same time, it will allow Forssell to work on other projects in the meantime as well.

Fans of Forssell's previous projects will definitely want to keep an eye on who Forssell lends his talents to next.

What's Next for Kojima Productions?

As we've already mentioned earlier, Forssell himself was the one that broke the news that he'd just finished contributing music to an undisclosed Kojima Productions project. That was nearly half a year ago and we still haven't heard more from Kojima Productions since.

It is possible that the said title would've been part of the dozens of projects and third-party licensing deals canceled once Google Stadia's development team shut its doors earlier this year.

As of the moment, we have no news as of yet as to what Hideo Kojima and his studio is working on next. However, there are still fans that are asking for Kojima to try and find a way to get his cut content for Metal Gear Solid V released. The calls even grew louder for a short while after the release of Jack Snyder's Justice League.

The likelihood of that happening soon is far from likely. But, if it's any consolation, Sony Pictures is reportedly working on a movie based on Kojima's earlier work with Konami, Metal Gear Solid.

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