Knockout City Will Launch on Xbox Game Pass and EA Play

EA and Velan Studios' high-octane multiplayer dodgeball game is set to launch less than a month from now on May 21. However, while everyone else will get a chance to try out the game on its opening week, EA Play subscribers, including those who have an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, will receive Knockout City for free.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will see yet another game launch essentially for free.

Will Knockout City Launch on Xbox Game Pass?

It'll be interesting to see how successful Knockout City will be once it launches on May 21.

Technically, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will not get Knockout City for free. Instead, it will launch on EA Play, which comes as one of the many free perks for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. In addition to free access to Knockout City, EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will receive a free in-game outfit and a $20 discount off the game's Deluxe Edition.

Speaking of the Deluxe Edition, EA Play Pro subscribers will receive the Deluxe Edition of Knockout City for free. At the moment, EA Play Pro is a PC-exclusive monthly subscription service. It does not come free for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

Is Knockout City Free on Other Platforms?

Launching with a one-week free trial on top of being free on EA Play is a great way to guarantee a high player count.

As we've mentioned earlier, Knockout City will launch with a free trial period for 7 days following its launch. For players who like the game and don't have an active Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or EA Play subscription, Knockout City will be available to purchase for $19.99 and the Deluxe Edition for $29.99.

For those who are worried about the lack of numbers in multiplayer, Knockout City will feature both cross-play and cross-progression on all platforms.

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Knockout City was first announced back in February as part of the Nintendo Direct showcase, afterwards, it was also shown off in the February 21 State of Play event. To say that the premise of the game is quite interesting is very fitting. It takes a relatively simple game of dodgeball and yet adds what has been a mostly unheard of spin to the classic game by essentially turning Knockout City into a co-op competitive shooter.

Because Knockout City uses a unique concept, Velan Studios and EA held several beta weekends following the game's reveal. Considering the mostly positive reviews Knockout City has received from the select few who've had a chance to play it so far, it's safe to say that the game is only going to get better with more players to compete against and added support from Velan Studios.

Knockout City will serve as one of the first few titles to launch under the EA Originals label.

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