Knights of the Old Republic 3 Info, Release Date and Trailer

Trying to keep track of all the available information in a rumored upcoming game as beloved as Knights of the Old Republic 3 can be quite confusing. Because of this, we've decided to round up every bit of information we could get our hands on in a single post.

What Is Knights of the Old Republic?

The first game had you play as Darth Revan without you knowing that you were the bad guy all along.

Stars Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was one of the first spin-offs from the Star Wars franchise that didn't really pay any attention to the famous Skywalkers. Instead, the game was set some 4,000 years before the timeline of the original films.

The game featured a Jedi, named Revan, who would later succumb to the trappings of the dark side and become known as Darth Revan, a Sith Lord. However, what made the game even more unique was that the game started with Revan having amnesia.

This decision was a resounding success. Players loved how they could shape the Sith Lord any way that they wanted. Players loved it even more when Revan being a Sith Lord was kept a secret for most of the game.

Bioware's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was so successful that it spawned a similarly-successful and critically-acclaimed sequel from Obsidian Entertainment just a year later.

Unfortunately, despite its success and demand from fans, the franchise never really saw a third title.

Until now.

According to recent reports that emerged just this year, a new Star Wars role-playing game, which could potentially be Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 3, is currently in development.

Is a KOTOR 3 Trailer Available?

Unfortunately, no. Because the news of a new Knights of the Old Republic game has not been confirmed yet, there's no trailer available for the game as of now.
When Will KOTOR 3 Release?

The truth is, we don't know when KOTOR 3 will release or whether or not it's in development.

The latter half of the last decade saw the number of rumors regarding the game being in development rise. However, most of the rumors back then really didn't have any credibility. On the other hand, these newer batch of reports look a lot more legitimate.

Still, with no formal announcement as of yet, don't expect to see KOTOR 3 release anytime soon.

If the rumors are true though, it is possible that we'll hear more about KOTOR 3 by late 2021 or early 2022 with a release date set a year or two following this official announcement.

Which Studios are Developing KOTOR 3?

One thing that we're sure of is that neither BioWare nor Obsidian are involved.

If not them, then who? Well, there are a number of studios with experience working on titles similar to KOTOR that could take on such a huge project. However, who's to say that an established studio is going to work on it?

If there's one thing that we've learned these past few years, it's that the playing field is much more level than before.

Relatively unknown studios have consistently shown that they can develop and produce games that are of the same level if not better than ones developed by more well-known studios.

With that said, one possibility that we feel inclined towards is Lucasfilm Games being involved somewhat.

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