King Kong and Godzilla are coming to Call of Duty: Warzone on May 11

Activision has given the upcoming event an official name, Operation Monarch.

If you thought that Epic Games and Fortnite are the only ones who have gigantic crossovers and events up their sleeves, then think again. Activision just confirmed that the King of the Monsters is headed to Call of Duty: Warzone and the Skull Island denizen is tagging along for the ride.

King Kong Godzilla Coming Call Of Duty Warzone
Godzilla and King Kong's arrival come just weeks after Call of Duty: Warzone welcomed Snoop Dogg into the game.

According to Activision, the next big Call of Duty: Warzone event will feature King Kong and Godzilla. This confirms the earlier leaks that the free-to-play shooter will crossover with the two aforementioned behemoths. However, we can't say that we agree with the decision to partner with a movie that was launched well over a year ago.

Godzilla vs. Kong was one of the first big hits of the COVID-19 pandemic after premiering last March, grossing nearly $500 million at the global box office. At the time, it would have made sense for Activision to crossover with the movie. It's hard not to feel like this venture is a recipe for disaster. If it helps, the controversial publisher did make an effort to create a high-end CGI announcement trailer that would have fooled you into thinking that the movie was coming out soon.

Unfortunately, Activision stopped short of revealing more about Operation Monarch, the name of the crossover. However, after seeing the two beasts square up against each other in the trailer, we think that the event will feature a similar storyline to last year's blockbuster hit.

We are definitely curious to find out how Activision's increased willingness to stray from Call of Duty's more grounded roots will pay off. As the shooter's first event of this magnitude, we're hoping that it's just the first of many.

As per the trailer, "the battle" will begin on May 11.

In other Call of Duty news, Sledgehammer Games is reportedly already working on a new Call of Duty game. Meanwhile, an industry insider claims that Activision is holding a playtest for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 this week.

King Kong Godzilla Coming Call Of Duty Warzone
What are the chances that we'll see mecha Godzilla in the game as well?

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