Kevin Spacey will have to pay House of Cards' production company over $30 million

The producer of award-winning TV show, House of Cards, just won $31 million in arbitration against Kevin Spacey.

Kevin Spacey was a mainstay in television and films for several decades - until he wasn't. Spacey was one of the first big Hollywood celebrities to find themselves in hot water following the Harvey Weinstein scandal back in 2017. CNN's report in November of the same year detailed how the star and executive producer of Netflix's critically-acclaimed original series, House of Cards, had fostered a "toxic" work environment and constantly engaged in non-consensual contact with younger male members of the film's staff and crew.

The enormous sum is nearly half of Kevin Spacey's networth of million.

Once news of Spacey's sexual misconduct came to light, several other allegations followed. This all ultimately resulted in the production company removing Spacey from the show. Netflix then wrapped up House of Cards with a shortened sixth and final season with zero involvement from Spacey.

Many years after the show officially ended, the show's production company, Media Rights Capital, just scored itself a huge win.

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Arbitrator orders Kevin Spacey to pay MRC nearly $31 million

Some are hoping that Spacey's loss against House of Cards' production company will net wins for other parties that are still pursuing a legal battle against the award-winning actor.

According to the MRC, the production company did not know about Spacey's sexual misconduct before CNN's report. This explains the swiftness behind MRC's response once CNN's report became public. It didn't take long for MRC to fire Spacey and rewrite the show's sixth season. Unfortunately, this also meant that the production company had to work around the departure of a central figure in the show. The MRC explains in a document filed in Los Angeles Superior Court that Spacey's actions resulted in "tens of millions of dollars in losses."

MRC's win comes after a three-year-long legal battle. As a result,  pacey as well as his companies, M. Profitt Productions, and Trigger Street Productions, will have to pay MDC $29.5 million in damages on top of nearly $1.5 million in attorneys' fees and costs.

Here's to hoping that MRC's win against Kevin Spacey is just the start. Anthony Rapp, who was the first to accuse Spacey, had already sued the award-winning actor in federal court. To date, the case remains pending. To make matters worse, other charges against Spacey have been dropped.

Spacey has not appeared in any new TV show or film since the sexual misconduct allegations against him came to light although he did star in 2018's Billionaire Boys Club. But, this is only because the film had completed production before the controversy. Spacey is set to make his first major movie appearance since 2017 in the upcoming crime drama, The Man Who Drew God.

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