Keqing Banner Rates and Characters in Genshin Impact

The Keqing Banner is up once again in Genshin Impact. Should you roll and use your Primogems for it? This article will talk about the featured characters and rates included in Keqing's Banner. Take note that this banner will only be live from February 17 to March 3 so you have two weeks to roll for your favorite character in the banner.

Featured Characters

Keqing is the featured five-star character in this month's banner.

The Keqing Banner has three other four-star characters that you can roll alongside Keqing. The banner has an increased drop rate for Keqing, Ningguang, Bennett, and Barbara. The last three characters are four-star characters that provide great utility and damage. Bennett in particular is a great all-around character that you may want to add to your team.

Drop Rates and Pity System

You can pull a guaranteed Keqing after 180 wishes.

The rates for five-star characters in Keqing's banner is 0.6%, You can also get four-star characters and weapons with a drop rate of 5.1%, and the rest of the percentage goes to three-star weapons. Every 90 rolls, you are guaranteed a 5-star character. However, if you did not get Keqing, you are guaranteed to get her after another 90 rolls. The total number of wishes you need to make to get a guaranteed Keqing would be 180 wishes.

Are the featured characters worth it?

Keqing is one of the most mobile and top-tier electro damage characters. However, is Keqing worth it? Below are the featured characters included in Keqing's banner and their overview to help you decide if rolling for the banner is worth it.


Keqing is an electro-damage character that is top-tier as a DPS.

Keqing is a DPS character that focuses on the Electro element. Keqing can also be built utilizing her physical raw damage. This character is mostly used to explore the map because of her mobility and sustained damage. If you would like to have additional raw or electro damage in your team, Keqing is a good choice aside from Fischl.


Bennett is one of the best four-star characters that can support and heal your team.

I would have to say that Bennett is definitely worth it.  Bennett is one of the best supports and healers in the game. Aside from dealing a lot of damage, his skills will heal your entire team. Bennett not only heals your team but also boosts the ATK of your characters whenever their health is more than 75%. You can also pair Bennett with another pyro character for an elemental resonance.


Ningguang is a Geo-elemental character that can give burst elemental damage.

With the recent update, more and more players are building Ningguang as a burst elemental damage character. If you build her right, you can easily defeat and solo most bosses on the map. She can also be a support damage dealer for your team and her shield can help block incoming attacks from enemies.


Barbara is a hydro character that primarily heals your party members.

Even though you can get Barbara when you follow the main storyline, she is still a great four-star character to level up. Getting another Barbara from the banner can help you upgrade their constellation map. Upgrading her constellation can make her a better healer and support for your team.

Other Banners

Aside from Keqing's Banner, you can also roll for other Banners that give weapons and characters. Below are some of the Banners that are active with Keqing's Banner.

Epitome Invocation

The Epitome Invocation banner is a limited banner that features five-star weapons.

Epitome Invocation is another banner that is running alongside Keqing's Banner. Rolling from the Epitome Invocation banner can give you a five or four-star weapon. The percentage for the five-star weapon is 0.7% and you are guaranteed a five-star weapon after 80 wishes. Some of the top-tier weapons you can pull from this banner are the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear and Primordial Jade Cutter.

Wanderlust Invocation

The Wanderlust Invocation is a permanent banner that gives you five-star characters and weapons.

The Wanderlust Invocation is a permanent banner where you can pull characters and weapons. You can pull all characters except for featured characters that can only be pulled on featured banners. However, the drop rate for five-star characters in this banner is only 0.2% and five-star weapons only have a drop rate of 0.4%.

You are guaranteed to trigger the pity system and get a five-star character or weapon after 90 wishes. The drop rate for four-star characters is 2.2% and four-star weapons have a drop rate of 2.9%. Some of the five-star characters you can get from this banner are Keqing, Qiqi, Jean, Diluc, and Mona.


Barbara in one of her Special videos called An Idol's Healing Magic.

The Keqing Banner will only be live until March 3. We highly recommend saving your Primogems and rolling for this banner because it has an increased drop rate for Keqing, Bennett, Ningguang, and Barbara. Keqing is one of the best Electro-damage dealers in the game and you are guaranteed to pull her after 180 wishes.

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